“A woman will be saved procreation …”. Three simple words, twenty centuries ago, it would seem, simply and clearly indicated the way the woman in the heavenly courts.

Inspiration Gospel call to challenge is not necessary, but “woman’s share,” today more than ever sophisticated weighs half of humanity. Leave beyond our conversation of those for whom the apostles and their message – the old legend characters. Conscious Christian women to give birth “as God would send” also unbearably hard. In search of the king, the middle path when motherhood does not lead to despair, and joy and bears fruit in eternity, they never cease to doubt – or just escape childbearing mnogochadiem? Children may in fact be just the “wealth”, which seriously enter into the kingdom of heaven … And in general, if a woman is not married or barren, whether she saved?

To touch so intimate and so fragile – a thankless task, especially to invent answers to the most urgent questions. It is unsafe to invade under the pretext of the holy of holies, the soul of man, “For what man knoweth the things of a man, save the spirit of man which is in him” (1 Cor. 2, 11). Maybe sometimes it is enough to tell the voice issues and the need to find answers themselves disappear?

“The less we love a woman …”

It was a long time since, in the quiet of the Garden of Eden grandparents heard God’s blessing to multiply and replenish the earth. Despite this, there are people who have deliberately chosen childlessness as a condition for prosperity. Someone sacrificed everything for the sake of career, and someone just decided not burdened by family ties and unwanted parenthood.

Sometimes the cause of loneliness is never came a meeting with the only man on earth with whom to be “in sorrow and in joy” – for happiness. And if a child is sure that children – the fruit of love in a legal marriage, and its all there, then surely there is a reason to despair? Is not nothing more important in this huge wonderful world?

Lonely woman – a common phenomenon, and unfortunately multiplied. But Christianity is able to fill any void hidden meaning, and the women’s vocation can manifest itself not only in wearing the dress, lipstick, high heels or a baby in her arms.

To find an example simply to look around. Next to us live “strange” people, for example, single teachers or doctors, who asked why there was not their personal lives, without pretense will say it was a shame to spend time on yourself. And it is not hard to believe when you meet in a dark alley pediatrician, hurrying to an emergency call. Or notice how in the house opposite to the morning light does not go out in the literature teacher window. And many more single women literally live at the temple – they decorate for the holidays, is removed after the services.

Hearts full of love, willing to be compassionate, calm, take care of the place where they were ordained of God, they are often light to others, like beacons on the shore of the sea. Perhaps having lived a discreet life, they gave the most precious – his soul for the good of the neighbor, and not succeeding in procreation. But no matter how impoverished society without such “blessed”! This is about them beautiful poetry of American poet Emily Dickinson. Having moral guidelines, through faith in God, she was not oppressed by his loneliness, but rather the contrary.

If the heart – at least one –

Do not let the break –

I have not lived in vain!

If the wear on the shoulders accept,

To someone could straighten,

The pain – at least one – a lot,

One of a dying bird

Verne heat particle –

I have not lived in vain!

“Live for others, just so you shall have peace,” – advised the Reverend Alexei of Zosima spiritual daughter. Peace is possible, where the conscience is not in confusion, where joyful smile the world comes from the complacent certainty: the right to live – is happiness. Married or eccentric recluse, most importantly – on the conscience.

For all to see

But back to the procreation and try to look at: what are they – the family risked fruitful and multiply as much as God would send?

The current way of life involves non-stop pursuit of comfort, and all of a sudden there are “fools” who ignore the rest and silence. Inexplicably fact of their existence, they have touched and continue to touch the curious society. One kind of tired untidy mother with faded eyes surrounded by snotty kids gives rise to slander and gossip. And go and prove the opposite …

Large families is not easy to “keep the brand” and constantly try to conform to ordinary families – in clothes, food and education. Sometimes it seems that their mothers are infected with “excellent pupil” complex: five with a minus – it is impossible, only five plus. Always – a music school, a swimming pool and dancing. Required – children’s parties with clowns, but not without. His otherness compensate for the presence in a family of new-fangled gadgets and vehicles. To like everyone else. Otherwise, once suspected of attempting to spawn poverty. And where there is faith and love are the main causes multiplication blond tops, finance limp, but still miraculously cover the needs of all households.

Their abundant life filled with events, emotions and bitter resentment and tears of joy, and life is monotonous and boring: on the stove – the pan-mnogolitrazhki soup; in the closet – a hundred pairs of socks, and are all different; on the agenda – to find the perpetrator and to question what had happened to brush the shoe. Life at high speed overrun with everyday issues of the smallest members – how, why, when and why. However, the medal around the neck of the salty dough with clumsy engraved “Mom, you ludshe” devotes a special caste of hopeless romantics who, no doubt, seek to order in the house, but the mess left by the child’s play, touches many more.

Happily, when the close and distant relatives are involved in the problems and needs of the large family. But, as a rule, grandparents, aunts and uncles once again reproached the slightest failure in domoupravitelstva system: “You see! We warned a hundred times! “And the emotion and joy of the fact of birth of another granddaughter or nephew of the” support group “and not to beg.

Large parents suffer from the fact that they have to dilute the concentrate love twice, and then four, and if children were smaller, the concentrate would have a higher quality. However, the years go, and they are convinced: the population density in the nursery multiplies, not divides parental heart. Probably, this was preceded by a profitable marriage contract: the father and mother have agreed in advance to wallow in “crazy” conditions, among them the main issue of procreation were advice and love. But it is no secret that there are married couples emotionally burnt out at the second child. Or the future of one half of a temple for the first time crossed the threshold only at the wedding, so perplexed – why complicate life voluntarily and so “saved” if you can live peacefully, happily ever after?

One flesh, but not the soul …

From the open windows of carefree childhood in the courtyard came the chords unpretentious smash hit: “The main thing in all weather in the house, and everything else – vanity …” We started playing in the “cops and robbers” and did not have time to look around, rose, established their families and have seriously puzzled by the main question: how to achieve unanimity, promising a quiet and fertile weather in the house? And whether there is a clear need for sun and clear skies for two, whose union and so it bears the stamp in the passport?

In recent years, the family idyll is more like a sketch to Krylov’s fable “The Swan, cancer and pike” as soon as it comes to “family planning.” “Do not push me!” – A tired husband does not want to hear about the desire to have a third wife, justifying the lack of decent housing and good health. Or vice versa, the next heir to please do not hurry on his wife, no less “valid” reasons. Upon entering the temple, hoping to breathe – there is certainly all responsibilities are clearly spelled out in the eternal book, and family not to rock the boat stupid questions.

Unfortunately, in the churched families, there is a risk of tripping over a misunderstanding and pain. A woman passes through all the implications of Eve’s fall into sin: suffering toxemia, contractions, mastitis, sleepless nights and exhausting is often either physically or mentally, or morally not ready to bear this feat in the “non-stop”. “There are women in Russian villages”, which are maternity cross with ease, but what about those who are discouraged, and “support” – “humbles, escape, be patient”?

Frankly, on these lines, “inspired” the familiar family, or rather, its deplorable position. At first glance, pretty intelligent people, a pleasant companion for many years in the Church. For middle-aged mother again pregnant, wearing dirty clothes neighbors – washed in an automatic washing machine. His not amassed as a father after multiple attempts to get a job is not caught in any team, and occasionally earns nehlebnym hard cab. In the family of four children grow up and live in a cold house old private sector. Amenities No. Father justifies the lack of water and gas in that it makes no sense to dig a trench and lead pipes from the neighbors, it is still the last times just around the corner. Nevertheless, I am sure: the wife should submit to flee and childbearing. “Look, at the great-grandmother had fourteen children – and without all the amenities on your feet raised,” – justified at times Domostroi their unwillingness to roll up their sleeves believing husband. In the eyes of the couple – inescapable melancholy and silent despair. The fate of women taking heavy antipsychotics and antidepressants, and, incredibly scary, doing secret abortions – a visual aid for the fruit pseudo self-confident. Rather, its futility in the main – love. When the wife is afraid and does not want to have children and therefore avoids intimacy, and the marriage bed makes her disgust, even if this were to happen, what mood she will bear, give birth to and bring up future child? After all, the word “proximity” also means a coincidence, unity of thoughts, feelings, wishes, two.

On the other hand, we ourselves choose our spouses, we have no captivity. Divorce, abortion, scandals – not an option in case of disagreement. If in difficult times we find ourselves alone with his spiritual weakness and are aware that “no pull” God’s commandment to procreation, it can not point fingers, just ask for God’s forgiveness and help? And then, avoiding mutual accusations, try to negotiate with each other? After all, no experts on the part of advisers can not be, if the woman is afraid or does not want to have children. The correct solution to it will tell only a loving woman’s heart and understanding of a trusted friend. No tyrant who turned a house church in the ghetto, where quotations from the Bible replaced the care and tenderness.

The Holy Fathers saw the salvation of men in recent times, not exploits, but in patient transferring sorrows and temptations. And if marriage – a union of love, in our feeble forces do not double the trouble, and become one flesh and mutually help each other to the extent of our forces. How comforting to see a man walking in the rain with a stroller, while the mother lay down to rest after a sleepless night! Or read bedtime stories to children, regardless of fatigue after a hard day … In this house motherhood becomes a “yoke of benefits and burdens light,” and gratitude works wonders. Both children welcome children will be filled with euphony family harmony and to turn the whole soul toward the world – nature, music, poetry, work.

The point of my hands correctional

One heart, perhaps, the couple hammered after at two and ten years of marriage, and the parents are lucky enough to be much earlier. Not beating the legendary half pounds of salt, they proceed to the most important test for adults – children. Is justified if the last number of the heirs of the Court, when it turns out that the test has not been tested on the quality? There are sobering, like snow in his bosom, line Astafieva Victor, writer whistleblowers: “How often do we rush high words, pondering them. Here doldonit: children – happiness, children – the joy, the children – the light in the window! But the children – it is also our meal! Eternal our anxiety! Children – this is our judgment on the world, our mirror, in which conscience, intelligence, honesty, neatness of our – all bare to see … “And, unfortunately, the” bald see “our inconsistency in the usual interpersonal love. We can all life properly take care of the offspring: to feed, clothe, teach, forced to go into the temple to pray, etc., but did not ask the important question: Do our children happy? Comfortably whether they in the same area with their parents, whether they take home as an island of peace, security, mutual respect and goodwill in this crazy world?

Despite all the experiments, mistakes and cuffs of becoming a parent, children’s emotional scars heals confidence in their own desires in life parents, in their unconditional love. According to doctors, still in the womb the baby inexplicably knows with what feelings he was waiting or not waiting for after the birth. Growing up, he will carefully collect the backpack in the history of the memories of the father’s experiences under the windows of the hospital and my mother’s tears of joy when he was born. Stored parents first curl, tooth diary ABC tinkle treasure at the bottom of his backpack. And he will go with him behind a happy and confident on. And from what nourished his childhood close depends, hold out the child in the Church as they grow older or harassed and zatyukali just pass by.

* * *

The theme of family planning instantly draws in our imagination “specially prepared” health professionals who dream to secure the future of each parent a lot of trouble. And indeed: the children, the house, everyday life – these satellites family happiness without understanding the spouses are just symptoms of a serious illness, side effects of irregular family life. But in the Church, marriage and responsible parenthood will always be honored.

I think when the time comes our final test, God will not look at the number and quality of our offspring, and the level of love in our hearts. Without love it is impossible to place spouses and parents. Without it there is no point in procreation. And all doubts on this score only allowed the love, because, perhaps, that a terrific gift – children – gives us Love itself.