Mainkai Street The Peaceful Place To Relex

A peaceful escape from the bustling city awaits just a 15-minute walk from The Westin at Mainkai StreetMainkai street is a road alongside the River Main in Frankfurt. The road gives you some pretty sights to see with interesting architecture. It makes a very picturesque drive or as in my case a pleasant, picturesque morning walk.

This open space is one of the many reasons Frankfurt is a beautiful city. Take a walk along the river, take some pictures, or just hang out and people watch, or just sit and watch the Main with your partner. Bring your own food or buy something in one of the cafes around.

This street along the river Main where you can best see the skyline of Frankfurt. It’s even nicer at night when the buildings are enlightened. During the summer period many people sit in the grass and enjoy the sun and a drink where boats stop nearby and serve food and beverages. This is one of the beautiful streets you have to visit, so close to the bridges, streets, ferries, shops, restaurants and many many more. It is always nice to take a walk at the Mainkai Street, or if you want to go for a run.

There is a huge range of people taking in the view and taking the air on a Sunday. You can be as quick or slow as you like. The views are very good. A very nice, safe way to get away from the bustle of Frankfurt day or night.

Pass under beautiful bridges and lay in the park that divides the river from the city. This path is also a great place for a morning jog or lengthy bike ride and get a panoramic view of Frankfurt’s impressive skyline.