On March 8 this problem forever. As soon as the date is approaching, and I think all the time, to celebrate or not.

In firms and offices – of course, to celebrate. If a mixed team, men certainly give its asymmetrical “response to Chamberlain.” Two weeks after the female singing and dancing, bringing to the altar February 23 homemade cakes and awarding an annual subscription to Maxim magazine they will, very solemn and mysterious entities, will present to the ladies … postcards. Wishing to remain “always the same” and “health in their personal lives.” If an all-female team, or there, with two random lads, how much more to celebrate. Drink, eat, talk about the peasants. Just kidding.

But if you are the head of household and myself CEO, it’s complicated here. Solve itself. On the one hand, I do not want to feel like a woman once a year. You open any “classmates” the morning of the 8th, and there … For example, the verses of his own composition with a lot of exclamation marks. And from those who can barely even remember. Or, for example, a sticker with the SEAL of the year before a neighbor. So I imagine how he tried picking this sticker, proud, for “women must be respected, women should be congratulated.”

But these happy uncle in the street and in the subway! Especially the night before, when the flowers are still not quite as aircraft stand. Sitting so thrilled by his uncle and himself. It’s aerobatics: Flower and cheaply bought, and even advance – surprise! – And so nice to look forward to, as the wife immediately curtsied (not what you think) and forgive him for the loss of the family budget on the “Forex”.

Well, let’s say, I’m angry. Maybe it every night to his wife buys flowers and all joint date remembers by heart. But something tells me that in that case there would be less self-satisfaction and self-experience as a gift – even more so.
Speaking of gifts. Personally, I do nothing unnatural almost never gave, except for perfume and shampoo from a gate at an early age, but for others I watch, watch.

As men go to the shops of home appliances with strained faces. As they give her friends that really want for yourself. For example, um, toaster. Or prostigospodi, speakers with bluetooth. About pans keep silent, especially with a ceramic coating. And like to buy boxes. Probably, when men grow up, they are using the 25-th frame are told that the box – this is the way to a woman’s heart. Ask anyone how much she caskets, she lowered her eyes. Usually it is a musical, for needlework (three), Jewelry (five), and even straw.

On the other hand, yes. Contradiction. Treat yourself to an international working women do not want to, but presents much. All right. Well, I’m not spoiled gifts. Although, of course, like to see in Turkey has been doubled. And anyway – I want this option nobody deactivate. To sleep up to twelve in the morning, and then in a new silk robe eat tiramisu for breakfast, inhaling the aroma of tea-colored roses. And then by chance found in svezhepodarennoy basket with mango and papaya little velvet box with a couple-three new charms. Better expensive. In the evening, go to the “Contemporary” on Khamatova, and then – well, I do not know. Still not fully realized all their expectations. But most importantly, that he guessed, or not considered.
And it will be like? Rise up early, you still do not sleep well, I will be walking in circles in the old jacket. Something no tiramisu with papaya to be seen. Oh yeah, in a jacket and no one will realize that a holiday, go change clothes, dyed eyebrows. My husband get up at twelve, will not notice anything, will go a long lunch, “in contact” to read. And I’m still looking for a basket with charms, and all of them do not. I’ll wait until lunch. I will, impressively keep quiet, sigh. Then I arrange the scandal, instead of her husband Knicks. He replied that I was cleaning the sink to go down, and he was clean tube. And I say that it is when I gave birth to a son, went to sleep and not worry about the windows. And he declares that I have fried potato is not as tasty as my mother. And then I’m gone, tresnuv door to celebrate the holiday with the “Classmates”.

But why? Because ashamed to say that, yes – I do not like those guys in the subway, on duty pozdravlyalki and seals in the “face”, but I’m waiting for a holiday. Sometimes even without the knowledge of himself, and then suddenly be afraid of their unbridled desires. And what is a holiday? Special attention of her husband, playing the princess of Monaco, and the fulfillment of dreams. But it is unlikely to guess that I need, if I myself hardly understand. And even if you understand it, too, will not guess, not a telepath. Or to guess the end, and again I’m not satisfied. Unless, of course, charm is not as many as four. And yes, still need to match its needs with a variety of opportunities spouse, and that again will not comme il faut.

So here. When I asked her the faithful, whether it February 23 holiday and whether the gift is waiting believed he had long suffered, and then meowed not, but gifts – it’s nice. In general, all the same. Perhaps that is why he is on me for so long and yelled that I was all morning in the men’s day in the “Facebook” was sitting. Probably, too ashamed to say that he wants in the morning strudel with ice cream and another USB flash drive on the 64 gig. So all Plan in advance this time. And the robe, and tiramisu, and sleep up to twelve, and what I need charms – yonder, with a heart and …. How do you trip, my dear? Well, then I’ll give myself this very day. Because I want to! And you do the same wish – to get what you want. Maybe this even worth dreaming aloud.

I congratulate you, woman. Everyone who is celebrating!