Once in our office space I moved to a different department. There is such a practice in the agency – from time to time to move through the building unit, changing jobs, like playing chess games. Some of this migration wins, someone on the contrary, but the move accurately contributes to the renewal of the production environment.

At that time, we have condensed the department of four boys. The two were married, one – no, but the third was generally Neformal that I committed in my previous life. And all of them were surprisingly closed on each other. Can you imagine: sitting as an appendix, in a huge room filled with my colleagues, and communicate only with each other – with the rest of those present did not even say hello. With no one but me. How I managed to ingratiate himself with the new arrivals, I’ll never know. Maybe because sitting with them at the same table, only next to each other – and in fact is quite difficult not to spill even a word with the man whom you see eye to eye. The guys were good, with a sense of humor. I remember one was talking about the wedding: it was because he was tired of the wedding ceremony of foreclosures that pushed it all matchmakers yes buddies and dropped the apartment door, behind which ran not yet fully dressed bride.

“Crick was – recalled with pleasure this fellow – she locked me in the room, I began to squeak, that is not ready, so had to wait here.”

Second about the wedding and did not tell almost immediately sat down at home, breaking his foot on New Year’s slippery streets. “Sitting with his foot, his wife sat on his knees, what would the house do not work” – laughing guys.

The third was informal, which, as already said, committed in a past life. But the fourth was destined to become the protagonist of this story. So we call it – fourth.

I did not like it to me from the beginning. A strange person: a little girly and at the same time like a big kid – with adult, fairly athletic body. He seemed even more withdrawn than his colleagues, though their circle let witty jokes and was a smart guy in general. Sometimes I caught his eyes on me when paced by or raised her head from the computer – and he was sitting right in front of me and we shared only monitor – but never paid attention to him.

Everything changed when the fourth like my colleague. Comes as something of her message, they say, and what kind of guys we have here appeared. I told her: so, they say, and so the good guys, but all married, unfortunately.

“And this, in front of you?” – Tried to find out a colleague, and I replied that he was also married – I really thought so at the time. Colleague like a long time do not be discouraged, and soon forgot about the newcomers. But her interest in me somehow sunk into the soul, and I began to look closely to the Fourth, the more it became clear that he is single. There is a feature of my character: my boyfriend becomes interesting when it starts to show interest in another girl. It was just such a case. In general, I drew attention to it, and little by little, not even noticed how in love.

And so it began the most opposite: it was not clear to him like me or not. I suspect that he himself did not know. “What if this is it? – Seemed to think the fourth, furtively glancing at me over the computer. – So what confuses me, “and do nothing?. This could be explained by the presence of his girl, but no, there is none, and was behind some old tragic love story. He did for her very much, she did not appreciate and left him for a lover’s ears. And the fourth began to suffer.

Generally it, if we suffer, then linked this to the ears. Since the story was no longer even a year, as he sat in his shell and could not get out from there. This vacuum Fourth could push really strong feelings, and I, like many women, decided that we should give him time, and most do encourage gestures at him, well and ripen it in the end, and will be all happy.

But the story of the exceptions that prove the rule. Even my mom always said that if a man really wants, it will not stop any obstacles. And all these “we must wait” or “very often take the initiative”, in fact, rarely lead somewhere. Well, if you do not have feelings on the other side – there is only good friendly attitude that women (and men) are often confused with mutual love, even more warming to in an attempt to win the object. And even harder, when in fact the attention of your beloved is directed in the opposite direction, and you’re trying not to notice.

She worked in our department very interesting girl. We call it the foreigner. She came to us from England, in Russian does not speak, teach it without even trying, and all who could, humbly spoke to her in English. In general, still preserved in Russian human trait – a strange reverence of foreigners – either from the time of Peter, or Soviet, and I have often caused a hidden annoyance of her condescending friendly, I thought, to do with us – like Columbus to the Indians. She patiently listened to our voice in broken English, participated in public events, all was nice and tried to help, was part of a team. But this feeling of foreignness did not leave – could have played the role of its internal isolation and the latent suspicion or unwillingness to learn Russian. I am particularly troubled last point: you live and work in a foreign country, why should all be arranged for you when you came to us ?! In this regard, I am impressed French: at least about beysya wall, but in the country other than the French say they will not be with you …

For the first time he saw a foreigner, I thought with pity, what is it ugly, and probably no one likes. She then walked down the hall with my boss, who was to present it to the staff, and looked very scared and squeezed. Later it turned out that the alien damn smart and very attractive, and foreign friends call her Lara Croft for a serious passion for weightlifting and kickboxing. It turned out that most of our men it very much.

“Just think – how bold! Moved here, alone in a foreign country, does not speak in Russian – and do not afraid to anything! “- They admired, and eventually her fascination started to operate on me. At one point I even thought that I had another good friend … when suddenly in love with a foreigner fourth.

When and how this happened is difficult to say. Both people are shy and never spoke to each other, the more the fourth did not know a word in English, and Foreigner – in Russian. They never said hello, did not exchange glances. She sat across the table from him, behind me, but hardly even notice it. And it turns out to be loved, but what’s there – he burned, without words, without hints, only those glances at her …. What were the views! Any word here would be superfluous.

Oh, I am writing this old story, and seemed to re-live it. The fourth did not hide from me, in love with a foreigner. It is still about what does not guess, but I already knew, and still hoped that his feelings are not so strong, and he will choose me. It seemed really Fourth chooses between me and her, wondering what is better: a titmouse close or far from the crane. Bird in this case was me, and it was doubly disappointing – what a woman will suffer this!

– Nothing, – consoled a friend from work, who was aware of my agony – men they are. Do not twitch, be patient and be happy.

And as the water looked: soon it came, that same happiness.

I remember the day when the Fourth decided. But nothing remarkable work in the morning, I was sent to the meeting. While colleagues consulted, I watched through the glass wall of the meeting room as people slowly come to work. Here come and fourth – or rather, as always, quickly ran to her desk, on the go listening to music in large headphones. He was carrying something that I could not see, engaged in a consultative process, and when looked back through the window, saw him moving away from the table a foreigner.

The meeting ended, colleagues disagreed on jobs. I went to my computer, but saw nothing more except a beautiful spring bouquet on the table Foreign women who have not yet appeared in the office.

– Hollywood would now be sobbing – somehow I thought absently, still unaware of how the heart is compressed to the size of a microbe.

She sat on his seat and remembered begging God that he would not let me see such a denouement of events and the subsequent process of development of their relations. But what I was so afraid, it was my test, through which should pass.

… How do you want to finish the story at this point, leaving himself that such unfortunate and humiliated, in the distant past. And still continue.

Juliet came to work and saw the flowers with a note from Romeo, written with the help of the online dictionary, and went for an explanation to someone who could give them – to me, of course. Then began the circus with horses. Rival (yes there is some kind of a rival – the winner) with a sweet smile start to finish me, and so is morally completely destroyed, questions like, who is this guy, what can I say about him, etc. How I wanted to do something nasty, nasty slander of the Fourth or, at worst, scream out loud! Why am I, why to me all that ?! Pure Hollywood melodrama was unfolding in front of me all the laws of the genre, and at some point I found myself on the fact that I watch its development with masochistic interest.

I wonder whether the suspect sitting next to me and waits for a response Foreigner about what is happening in my soul? Does it stir a woman’s intuition, something sensed on a subconscious level?

– I do not know, as they have in Russia to respond to such messages, – she said with a charming ingenuousness. – Tell me.

– There are no laws in this regard, – responded to the ruins of my heart hidden behind the dense outer shell. – Answer me, what you want. And he’s a good guy.

The most opposite in such situations, in my opinion – it is a necessity to be a good loser and noble.

I remember the day I write my mother, who was aware of the whole story:

– Fourth Inostranka presented flowers.

– Well, luck to them – she responded. – Do you want me now I will not go to the country? Suddenly, it is necessary to wipe tears for my child.

Mom, my dear friend, always trying to look at with humor to any situation, hiding their inner experiences from relatives, selfish complaining to her every trouble in his life. When we discussed the triangle formed before the fateful day, she joked that the fourth to complete the picture of suffering have to go and sing: “Where the Maple River roars over the wave, we talked about with lyubviiiiiii toboooy”. Foreigner in the answer was supposed to sing, “Love Mi tender, lava E, suites”.

In that dreadful day, I suddenly remembered the conversation and could not help smiling. Then he looked around: it was already evening, and everything disappeared somewhere. Fourth went to the gym to hit a punching bag, foreigner went home. They were not even together, but between them has stretched the bridge, which is becoming stronger, and strangers on this bridge there was no room.

I suddenly felt terribly want to sleep, and in the desire to dissolve all other thoughts and feelings. The body became heavy, soft and rebellious. His head seemed to have imposed cotton cushions, legs refused to go. My friend and psychologist once explained to me that people react differently to a lot of stress:

– Someone was crying, someone falls into a stupor, and someone attacks an overwhelming desire to sleep – she told.

I remember that it would be desirable to lie down and sleep for a whole year, and waking up, not remember anything! But morning came, we had to get up. I did not take sick leave due to a broken heart, and went to work. I’m going to the subway, head completely empty and meaningless, do not know how to deal with the two of them and what to do with them. A story unfolded in the meantime further outlining new twists.

I came into the office and there is a new drama: A foreign woman suddenly went on a business trip for two weeks, and the fourth with his department decided to move to another floor.

Guys busily collected things, it was not the first time, scraped out trash from desktops fun talking and joking. Only a fourth was something terrible. Throughout his sturdy figure and could read the movements of great inner tension. He was even more closed and silent than usual, almost did not react to his attempts to stir up by guys who know and understand everything. Anguish and despair in his eyes Fourth alternated with rage and resentment at the fate that had given him the most long-awaited meeting, and now decided to make fun of him. In between charges man he froze at the window, looking through the window into the street, and even the most thick-skinned colleagues became ill at ease.

Look at it was really unbearable, and when the fourth went to the kitchen to suffer, I followed him. There’s no one, except us, it was not, and I decided to speak to him.

– What are you doing, this is just a move! – Fourth sorrowful face at these words became even sadder. – There is nothing wrong, and perhaps it should be.

I never forget the sight of the Fourth, when pronouncing the last word.

– No. It was not supposed to be, – he said, and turned away.

You know, the first time I saw that one man so sincerely worried, afraid of losing the other – so that he could not and did not want to hide it. Nowadays office Love seems something easy and not burdensome – well, there has to someone like in the office, that is not in vain in the work to go, and if one did not work, so the other will, and there is nothing to grieve, all nice and convenient. Some hearty meal and drama office relationships usually strangers. And then he broke down the usual scheme, and more for men and women presented itself in a different light for me. And even harder heart ached – because I was not able to cause the fourth such exceptional feelings, and no one ever felt to me something like that …

The children eventually moved, but before leaving the fourth left on the table Inostrannaia note. I confess, could not resist and looked into it. On the clumsy English, he left a phone number and wrote something like: “Call is mandatory if you want. I do not know how I’m looking forward to it. ” Commonplace words sound so much, when you know that it stands for something real. This is probably the same feeling and the Foreigner, read the message on his return.

… They now live near me. Engaged. His mother belonged to the first Inostranka with caution, as the people of the Soviet quenching, then adopted. Her family, too, is not against Russian groom. Foreigner has moved to another job, and sometimes when I meet her in the street, said that she looks more beautiful and happier.

She told me the other day, as the unfolding of their relationship. Initially, there were difficulties: it is in English or do not know the word, it is in Russian.

– Understand each other without words or drawing pictures of each other – she chirped.

My girls heard about these pictures, rolled their eyes in unison.

– Oh, how romantic! How amazing! – They admired.

On the fourth I meet at work, and he is still embarrassed – probably knew then about my feelings for him. A foreigner they are harmonious couple, even look like steel. It has become a good talk in Russian, and he learn English.

As for me, the passion subsided, and all these events have become even something of a symbol of hope: it means that not only happen in melodramas such stories, but in real life, right under your nose. You’ll see some other time it will be your fairy tale with a happy ending.

And since then I did not want to go to doubtful compromises with them like such: “He could not then come to support me, because he never misses a yoga” or “He is far away from me lives and therefore do not come to help,” or ” He hesitates, so for six months for not offered to meet. ”

I’m now just know that if a man really loves a woman, nothing can stop him.