You do not have a job … where to look and what to do when you do not find what you want?

That’s really the question as a question! Yesterday’s graduates of the University, newly minted professionals looking for a job, showing her serious demands. It should be interesting. It must be appreciated. For his work you have to pay good money. She should leave free time for hobbies. And it should be the specialty! Where do you find such happiness? How to search? And whether it is possible in principle? Here it is a little problem “with three unknowns.”

When finances are singing love songs

Let’s analyze the unknown progressively. The first question is: do you have the financial and psychological opportunity to be picky when looking for work in the first career to stay at home, periodically leaving on the interview, and turn up his nose from inappropriate job? Often, pecuniary circumstances, personal or family, such that the need of money. We need to do an operation to some of the parents, you need to buy for the family car, you need to keep the young wife and soon – the child. In this situation, to intelligibility. We must take the work that offer and which will pay. And to make, maintain, provide, maintain.

But this does not mean that their hopes for the perfect job should be to give up. The summary should hang in the open access (only close it by the employing company) HeadHunter on the type of sites, no harm will be to monitor the labor market for interesting job and get out on the interview, if you are called. A person who works, even if not quite in the profile to cause the employer more interest than the applicant who does not work for six months awaiting a proposal of her dreams.

Of course, to find a job close to the profile, it is difficult in the crisis years. However, tell a case of life. Familiar Bulgarian moved to Russia, but work on a degree could not be found immediately. A veterinarian by training, he would do what he likes, but hurt the poor knowledge of the language. The guy has issued a license for a taxi for half a year “conversation” in Russian, made friends with some of the passengers, then suggested something to one another about a favorite cat, a dog, and so began to work in a veterinary clinic, filling out the necessary paperwork. Work on the taxi recalls with gratitude – and learned the language, and Russian became well understood, and the vet, as well as any other doctor, without an understanding of people – in any way. The so-called “temporary” work, even if it is a courier, a waiter or a seller, can give excellent people skills, crisis management, or, for example, knowledge of the city. Sometimes a temporary job could become permanent and beloved: get a job in a shop, one girl realized that gladly delves into the characteristics of the goods with interest keeps track of new items, start to understand the types and specifics of the skin (it was the shop of leather accessories), and I was so absorbed that she did not notice how she became the director of this shop.

When there is a choice

What if some financial “safety cushion” is still there?

Are you a student yesterday or already have some experience, it is important, first, to determine the three directions. The first is that I really want to do, what I dream to do, from a work I burn my eyes. Second, what I do not really want to do, but I can try myself in this. Third, what I am for what I will not do it.

Having formulated the answers to these questions (a good idea to consult with your friends who are already working with a young family peers and even their parents), you can … No, do not start looking for a job! Writing a resume.
How to write a resume?

Firstly, it should not be long. Recruiters recommend to write 1-2 pages, but these recommendations is commensurate with your goals. When studying at the institute, you are as a designer tried their hand in 20 projects, each of which was completely unique character, you should list all the 20 projects, dividing them into groups (eg, fonts, design, design posters, textile design) and supply each a brief description of the project. Even if your resume is longer than three or four pages, it is not scary. It is important that you tell about their experiences and their aspirations.

Secondly, you need to register at all sites, which give opportunity to create a resume and search for job openings. It HeadHunter, and JobRapido, superjob and rabota.ru. Just type in Yandex or google “job sites”, and in front of you – an exhaustive list. You can not be lazy, creating a profile on these sites and resume. It is necessary to specify every last detail: a short part-time after graduation in an international company, volunteer project, knowledge of the Ukrainian language – each skill can play a decisive role. For the recruiter is not unimportant skills – there is only a shortage of them. You may feel that passed in grade 10 course manicure is not important for the career, but what if in a fashionable cosmetic companies are looking for a brand manager for a new line of nail polish? To resume should definitely include a photo – the one where you look good, but staging (if, of course, you’re not looking for a job in which you want to pose in a photo shoot every day).

By registering on the website, it is necessary to subscribe and the newsletter. If you have a smartphone, then 1-2 times a day you need to check your mail, and the appearance of any attractive job immediately respond to it. The files must be stored on your phone and your resume in Word format to at any moment to be able to send it to the customer’s request. Another option – to store resumes and (if any) on the recommendation of mail as a draft. We received a request – sent the answer without hesitation.

We are expanding the search space

In search of work can not be underestimated social networks, professional community and various chats. There are numerous professional Public In any social network, which is worth visiting, to communicate with the people there and to establish contacts with them. As the saying goes, you never know what a resume or text where “shoot”. Social networks are constantly firing important information. In addition, there may be held by professionals to share and experience, and talk about the pros and cons of the work that you think is perfect.

If your profession allows you to engage in charity, enter into any community for which may be important for your services. Giving strength to those who need them, you become stronger and more seasoned. Well, your skills as forged iron – strong, solid. In addition, the charity community professionals may occasionally appear very real job, which primarily offer proven, “their” volunteers.

The job search is important to take a realistic in its expectations of salary. Before you write a resume in “the expected level of wages,” or go to the interview, google desired position and see how many are paying the specialist and what money you can expect really. This question – salary – hangs in the air, and the need to constantly monitor the state of the market, to know exactly what is and what kind of job you have to pay.

Often in search of work can be a big help friends who have “one looks for now manager of foreign trade, and it’s your theme?”. Do not be embarrassed to ask for help, because if you find a job with the help of friends, it will be good and happy both you and them.

What if there is no work in the specialty?

Going to do any work. Of course, if you’re a nuclear physicist, go to the chefs do not want to. But to sit without a job can not be more than six months in any case. It is necessary to find a job, which will need to be collected every day and go. Do not lose this rhythm.

Absolutely nothing? We participate at least in volunteer projects. Gaining lessons for three hundred rubles per lesson, but we find the opportunity to develop personally and professionally. Do not sit at home!

So, we are looking for a job!

We decide what we want and what we do not want.

Writing a resume.

We spread the resume to all possible sites of jobs and social networks.

We are looking for on their own.

We think over the performance at the interview (or, as it has become fashionable to talk, interview).

If acute financial issue, access to work becomes a target. We can not afford a long time to choose when you need to feed or treat loved ones. We have to go to the work that will be offered, but keep in mind that the search continues.

The more interviews, the clearer understanding of what is expected of us. More chances to find something. And more than likely to find something that is right for you. Sometimes it takes a lot of time. The main thing – to go forward. And work. In any situation. Although the taxi driver, although a tutor …