I had a colleague who went round the year in black jeans, sneakers “Goodbye Youth” and the gray (sometimes brown) shapeless sweater, a warm time of year is replaced by some kind of faded uniform shirts. Me, she regularly met with the words: “Well, you look! Again her new dress! “(Yes, I have a passion for this type of clothing, the irresistible, it is checked for years). And when I gently let slip that, well, spring, and said, surely she does not want to change the usual jeans for something light and lovely, she gave me a condescending look, and then with a grin uttered: “I have other priorities in life! ”

It implies a husband, two sons, and other pleasures of life, are not available to me. I must admit I felt a spat. And giddy fool who, not being married, of course, has no idea about what is real life, and fills the void dress and shoes. Some time later I got married, but the ladies like the colleague there, he continued to occur in my life.

Here is a typical example – the picture of a large mother appears in a social network. The beautiful, slender, with bright fashionable skirt varnish boats, with shiny hair and light makeup … And among comments with compliments about how great it is, and right that mothers of large families look good, be sure to come out moral teaching: “Questionable is a virtue – look good”. Or at least, “I’m sure she is full of money, a nurse / Nurse, free time car – that’s sitting in salons all day instead of their children to engage in.”

Or here. Once on the playground one mom complimented my outfit. And second, dressed in a tracksuit, theatrical sigh: “With one child I have tried for a watch, but with two already unreal … And full of other concerns, not to become dresses.”
Forgive me, proponents of this position, but in my opinion – it is fundamentally wrong. Mom can not look bad! First of all – for the sake of children. For them, it is important that my mother was beautiful. Of course, his mother, in principle, the most beautiful and best for each child, a priori, and rightly so. But they grow up, go to school, get older. They are not blind and at some point may have to objectively assess, whose mother looks good, and whose not. And every child is important that all “good” were just about his mother.

The girls want to emulate her mother, the boys proud, admiring. I know a case where one boy asked his grandmother to pick him up from school because Mom … shy. Yes, this is bad, and there are issues to education, but now is not about that. Just once, when my mother came to him, someone asked: “Is that your grandmother?” (Despite the fact that the woman was about 40, but of all the hair she preferred grandmother beam, and old-fashioned clothes drab coat). The boy was hurt to hear that about my mother. But his grandmother responses were quite different – “what a nice, pretty woman.”

Mother of many children is all the more necessary to try to look good. Her neat appearance bears, sorry for the rant, and missionary function. After all, as most people think – I will not give birth to more than one, because then become broody, “I lowered to the bottom”, itself abandoned pogryaznee snot and porridge. Such people would be more examples to the contrary – Prigogine mothers surrounded by three or four or five kids – maybe fear, to get the most second or third and would have retreated.

And yes, I can already hear the favorite excuse – “I do not have time for this!” It is better to tell me honestly – I’m too lazy. There is a time to put on a boring leggings and a sweatshirt, or umpteenth consecutive day plush suit with a hood? So, there is time to wear something elegant, stylish and simply beautiful. That mother at the site, which kichilas the fact that she was not up outfits – she went out in a dressing gown or naked! She also dressed. I spend time on it. I do not think that the fact to put on a dress and ballet shoes, you need more time than a tracksuit and sneakers.

One day I came across an interview with Angelina Jolie, in which she admitted that when she was three children, she cleared her wardrobe of tracksuits, sneakers and dimensionless things, because “when a lot of children, the temptation always get into some jeans “. Instead, Angie bought skirts, dresses, classic cut trousers (and jeans are different!), Jackets, shoes, boats … so that kind of thing out of the closet or take it (even if do not want to dress up), it would turn out beautifully. Mommy, please adopt! You yourself feel better!

And further. These young ladies in the church, dressed in long skirts of the eerie “merry Sitchikov” and shapeless black jacket with shoulder not his older brother, not a cottage attic? And pious scarf on her head. God forbid to wear openwork scarf or a silk scarf! Not before them!

They all kind shout at us that despised bodily beauty and of his deep inner peace does not come out.

Is that in order to cast a disapproving glance lady in the bright dress smart, or is one with the scarf with sequins! Why are these excesses in the church? It would be better at the time, that this dress has spent steaming, hymns revered.

Excuse me, but what about “Sunday dress,” which was in the wardrobe of every girl to a revolution? Yes, modest dress, closes the arms, shoulders, but beautiful and fashionable! Because Sunday – it is a holiday. And on a holiday made to dress accordingly. And do not you go somewhere out there, but to God! I do not think that to the chief at work someone allow himself to appear in that poploshe to show his humility nedyuzhy. And the church can be. And supposedly even necessary.

Who said that? Do you want to dress up – it is not necessary, but why look like a scarecrow? Is not there in the wardrobe size blouses and skirts, bought at least not in the last five years? After all, as I understand it, the Church does not teach us to look so that people shied away from us, and says only that we should not get hung up on appearance, it should not be put at the forefront.

In general, I am all for what?

Firstly – girls, girls, women, be beautiful! Do not be afraid. Despite the sizzle from the side.

And the most important – do not condemn those who try to look decent, and call them frivolous or an idle. It seems to me that all the pious talk about “the rich inner world” and “the right priorities in life” – a reluctance to admit that I, alas, can not, or rather lazy … And from the inner pride, the thirst to show their ” righteous “disdain for worldly and empty.

Although the intention to look good (not necessarily – elegant, luxurious or challenging) there is absolutely nothing wrong. Again, the important thing is not to turn the pursuit of beauty in the sense of life.

As one of my friends said the priest: “If a woman understands what it takes to adorn themselves” not just with braided hair, “and then we can make up.”