Amid oplyvshih candles and evening prayers,
the military trophies and peaceful fires
Lived book children who did not know the battles,
exhausted from the children of their disasters.

Vladimir Vysotsky

We all know them – the dreamers, and intellectuals, a little naive and romantic, or, conversely, dry and as though separated from the life of armor iron logic. This smart and well-educated people who grew up on the books … and stayed somewhere in the world of rustling paper pages, which are now gradually superseded by digital code electronic “e-readers”.

It is said that people are now reading becomes less – I think it’s a myth. Just the available literature of all genres were so many that it is difficult to find people who have read at least a hundred of the same books. Fantasy, romance and detective novels, science fiction, non-fiction books and professional literature … “Did you read the works of such and such? – No, but who is it? ”

But learn the book of man is still difficult. It measures the erudition and wisdom of others, above all, how many books they have read. He has to have everything ready quotes or examples of favorite works. He is proud of the fact that not a single day without holding the book. Ride public transportation or time spent in the queue, he said spent, if there was nothing to read. And – the main difference between this book a person from simply reading – he slowly begins to substitute for real experience, real events and feelings read books.
Book world can easily become a means of avoiding reality, akin to drugs or alcohol only socially approved. Perhaps someone this comparison may seem too harsh. But apart from the purely physical harm from substance use, it is possible to observe all the other signs of dependence: the escape from reality replacing real feelings pleasant but ephemeral “bookish” experiences, the substitution of other activities. And even withdrawal symptoms when a person can not safely drive five stops on the subway, if not the book, which could bury.

No doubt, a lot of reading can give a person. This knowledge and new ideas, and sometimes experience feelings first – teenagers often read about the first love, hatred and betrayal before the encounter them in real life. But the substitution of reality with books – a dangerous path. On this slippery path the human often takes fear. These relationships can hurt, love – be non-reciprocal, the complexity of life on the pages of books are very romantic and always temper the hero and actually deliver a lot of discomfort, and the adventure is simply dangerous. Fear to face with real life very well disguised as introversion, and a desire to spend another quiet evening alone with a book.

Funny example: I had a friend who claimed to be a parachute jump and read about it – about the same for a person with a good imagination. Those who jumped with a parachute, you know how he was mistaken.

The experiences in the mind can never replace the real experience. There is an explanation not even the level of physiology. Reading, however bright it may accompanied by emotions, it uses the old neural connections in the brain. Imagining what is described in words, you rely only on the memories of the experiences you have – that is, the experience of the old. A new experience causes the nerve cells to lay other means of communication, gives unknown earlier experiences, emotions and even physical sensations.

Replacing the campaign to the psychologist endless reading psychological literature, even very good – also a kind of “escape in books.” The mere intellectual understanding does not help in a different way to build their lives. Not least because that the protective mechanisms of the psyche will always hide from us part of the picture: we will never fully be able to see myself from the outside. To understand what we are in contact with other people, you need this very different person.

Dependence on the books, perhaps the best of the bad habits. Still, the fantasy world and the real world it would be good to balance. If you have learned in this description of yourself, try a little “invite” into your life a new experience.

Maybe, we should not rush into the pool with his head, recording an expedition to the end of the world or in the boxing section. But why not go on a visit there, which will bring together not only your old friends, or an evening of board games in the popular antikafe now? Try something that has long wanted to do in real life – to learn how to drive a car or ride a horse, as the hero of the beloved adventure novel. Variety is very decorated with life and new experiences – things like clean air in a well-ventilated room. Refreshing and good for health.

Do not listen to Brodsky. Exit the room.