Sunday evening. Especially Easter for us Catholics. For guests had just closed the door. My friend and I cleared the table remnants of lamb, roasted with bitter herbs, pieces of cake (this year we forgot to put oil in it!) And consecrated colored eggs that failed to wrap up with a friend “on track.”

The house is after all a holiday, there was silence. We slowly made coffee and sat on the bed – rest, finally, after three days of training – a long service Great Triduum, running around the shops, the bustle around the plate. Each picked up the phone and buried her in the social network …

Trouble never expect, and it never comes on time. But at Easter …

Shock, shock. We exchange confused looks, in their lack of understanding of what is happening. Some words that we try to find each other in order to cope with what has just read. In the end – just a hug.

In Pakistan, an explosion.

Lahore, Punjab, is still second was so far away, “not about us.” Some set of letters, eastern abracadabra. And suddenly, in a flash, it all became friends – when we realized that the explosion in the park, in which 70 people were killed, was the act of terrorism directed against Christians.

Christians celebrate Easter peacefully in the park Gulshan-e-Iqbal. This was not mentioned in the news on Channel One – a “terrorist attack in Pakistan, killing women and children.”

But this fact has done for us the tragedy – “our” tragedy, total disaster with the Pakistanis. One may be accused of hypocrisy and the hypocrisy of those who vividly and strongly reacts to some of the world disaster (eg bombings in Paris and Brussels) and weakly responsive heart for others (eg, the recent explosion in Iraq). But there is nothing surprising or crying and even more hypocritical, – that’s a human mind. It is protected from the emotional overload, and if people can not identify with the victims of the terrorist attack, if he was not with them a common cultural or any other context, it does not feel hot and sympathy for him. This is normal, and not worth it for that judge. We all are not saints, to love neighbor, so that was not ashamed of it, let alone the distant …

But at this moment we are very able. We were Christians, and somewhere far from the light of Easter holiday for our brothers and sisters and their small children turned into a nightmare. They were celebrating the victory over hell, but hell He opened right under their feet.

My friend and I sat in the suddenly became very dark and uncomfortable thought that here we are, in relative safety: attend Mass, notorious paint eggs and Easter baskets make out nicely. Freely profess their faith and, in fact, do not know fear. We never had to defend their right to wear a cross.

And for someone on the other end of the continent’s Christian confession of faith associated with the daily mortal danger. With the stigma. With the risk of being beaten and tortured every day. In order to fly up into the air every time you go to church.

This is not easy and pleasant for them there – to be Christians. As it was not easy and pleasant time for Christians Diocletian persecution. As it was not easy for Jesus himself, when he came to preach. When was martyred.

Christianity, with its base the day did not have a safe and comfortable faith. It never she was not, and when it, in fact, remember, it does not at Easter?

“New Martyrs” – came to us both in the head at the same time. These people were not afraid to go out with joy that filled their hearts on Easter Sunday, to each other, to congratulate our brothers and sisters in faith, to bring them the good news.

“Christ is risen!” – “Today and always!”

I remembered on Good Friday, when I stood in the temple, with tears (quietly, so as not to embarrass anyone), and thought that now the whole process of worshiping the Cross so solemn – choir, organ, priests in white and gold robes, an endless procession of people, who kissed his feet Savior.

And then, in 33 AD, there was nothing that was just drenched heat mountain, three crosses, mocking guards, sponge with vinegar, a spear between the ribs, three weeping of Mary and John. Fled disciples renounced Peter shameful punishment. Hastily before Shabbat burial. Nothing grand, and turned away on the day of Christ’s peace.

It is worth a moment just imagine it clearly, without the pomp of church ritual, it becomes incredibly bitter and dull at heart.

And today, we are reminded that nothing has changed. That’s cruel, savage way. Trying to scare renounce force. Not understanding that are creating new martyrs that is updated in those Christians who watched in horror for a while, they have given the once vows. Make even more alive for all of us the words of the Gospel. At least I hope so.

Christianity began with the victim. And none of Easter cakes and eggs, no festive tinsel can not undo this simple and terrible fact.

Joy of the Resurrection was preceded by bitter Friday.

something else happened in the Good Friday of this year, together with information about the terrorist attack in Pakistan makes this Easter for Catholics as never bitter.

March 25 Yemen militants LIH (an organization banned in Russia – Ed.). Tom Azhannalila crucified father, the priest, who was kidnapped earlier in an attack on a shelter the sisters of Mother Teresa. Then killed four nuns, and his father Tom terrorists taken directly from the chapel, where he prayed at this time *.

I kept thinking during the Great Triduum services, what kind of father Tom, who alone remembered in prayer from the altar of our priests …

Lord, Lord … If you walk through the valley of death shade, do not fear no evil: for thou art with me …

I know a few prayers by heart, only the required and no psalm. And it is necessary to learn, I suddenly thought, because now you never know when and where to find yourself without a prayer book, only that Christianity settles in the head and the heart …

I am reminded of the recent meeting of the Pope and the Patriarch – it was devoted to the persecution of Christians in the East. They reached out to each other a helping hand and support.

We in the church at large festivals during the reading of the “Our Father” believers sometimes join hands to form a human chain. So it was on this Easter.

And I think we should be more than ever today to hold on to each other, to be together in common prayer, which should be every day of the Christian. Yes, just like that, just in everyday life. For my beautiful words hides a call not to blame each other, do not divide, do good, where you can see this possibility, to resist evil, do not look for specks, uprooting logs. Be in love. Carry each other’s burdens.

For the outside world the most brutal way proves to us that we are truly brothers and sisters in Christ. In recent years – often intimidating.

And let nothing and no one will be able to repay in our hearts the Easter fire and settle instead of fear.

* The Salesian community, which belonged to the father of Tom Azhannalil, has not confirmed the fact of his death and asked to pray for him as a living, despite the fact that the Bishop of Vienna during Easter Mass, parishioners gave the tragic news of his martyrdom. Salesians claim that there is still hope.