Summer vacation again, but this year did not seem to hear the "My Fair Princess" replay of the sound, it may be away from the childhood and student times, Yimiyanjiang vinegar tea has to kill those years of good times.

Then the “My Fair Princess” comparable to the current so-called hit play more fire, gossip child can chase all day watching TV, then every winter and summer do not know how many times read.

Many people remember Swallow, Lagerstroemia, Erkang, Yongqi, that there is no one remember Shu Fang Zhai four treasures, Choi Ha, Xiao Zhuo, Xiao Deng it?

98 years Liu Fangyu appeared in the “Pearl” as Caixia corner, after Liu Fangyu also works in the film and television circles, such as “flash marriage” “daughter-in-law is how”, although The actor stepped in.

Nearly 20 years in the past, about 40 of the more and more glamorous Caixia moving. Its micro-Bo can be seen on the very comfortable life. The year before set up their own families, loving a plus, happy.

But also set up their own company, properly a strong woman.

Choi Ha’s good girlfriends moon gradually fade out of the audience’s vision.

Xiaozhuo Zi, small Dengzi can be said to Shu Fangzhai two clown. Xiaozhuo’s actor is Li Nan, who remembers him is the 87 version of “Dream of Red Mansions” Jia Baoyu bookmate Mingyan smoke, also played “Young Kangxi” in the Kangxi, a baby face is regarded as a model of inverse growth.

However, some time ago in the spy drama hit “decryption”, the Li Nan played a big villain has been showing old-fashioned, the years do not forgive ah. However, the acting is really just, than some of the actors in the play too much.

Xiao Dengzi actor Xue Yan, once once many directors and fans called the mainland version of Eric Tsang’s successor, but now also obliterate all the people carry on.