The new lens will turn any DSLR camera in a 360-degree coverage. He takes off with a viewing angle of 360 degrees horizontally and 180 degrees vertically.

Novelty called (sphere) Pro created a startup Sphere Company About enterprise | Optics’ , is now working on a similar lens for GoPro cameras and smartphones. Currently it is the only product of its kind to DSLRs, say manufacturers.
“The lens (sphere) Pro toroidal structure – explain developers. – Other lenses with equivalent capacity does not exist. “

“The lens (sphere) allows those who now takes the normal content, quickly and easily move to an exciting shooting under low contribution, – said co-founder of a startup Rob Englert. – The photographer can shoot in the traditional way, then mount the lens (sphere) and then record the pie pan. ”

After you install this lens on the mirror or mirrorless camera is sufficient to direct the optical axis vertically to shoot in all directions. Staple individual frames will no longer have to.



4-minute video gives an idea about the possibilities of a new lens (click on the arrows at the top left):


SLR Cameras the Nikon ?
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Sphere Pro supplied with mount Nikon F, so the owners of SLR and mirrorless cameras from other manufacturers require adapters. Among the technical characteristics of the lens: aperture F / 8, the optimal focal distance of 1 m, full frame, length 198 mm, weight 1.8 kg.

Currently, a limited number available (sphere) Pro. Manufacturers offer to purchase or rent the lens through the website of the company.