Ghost ship, or ships-phantoms, appearing on the horizon and quickly disappearing, according to legend sailors portend trouble (and early gray hair). Just call and ships left the crew in various, often mysterious, circumstances.

“Mary Celeste”
The second most popular after the “Flying Dutchman” ghost ship – though, unlike him, really existed. “Amazon” (the so-called first ship) disrepute. The ship changed owners many times, the first captain died during the first voyage, then threw out the ship aground during a storm, and finally it was bought by an enterprising American. He renamed the “Amazon” in the “Mary Celeste”, believing that the new name will save the ship out of trouble.

In 1872, a ship, en route from New York to Genoa with a cargo of alcohol on board, the ship was discovered by “Dei Gratia” without a human on board. All personal belongings of the crew were in their places, in the captain’s cabin was a casket of jewels of his wife and her own sewing machine with sewing unfinished. However, he disappeared sextant and one of the boats, which suggests that the team left the ship.

“Lady Lovibond”
According to legend, the ship’s captain Simon Reed Sea contrary to popular belief woman took the ship, his young wife. According to one version, his assistant was secretly in love with the young Mrs. Reed and night sent a ship on a sandbank. On the other – the team members have desired charms captain’s wife and hanged himself, a woman was raped and drank for three days. As a result, the ship crashed. Anyway, she was to blame.

Exactly fifty years after the collapse of the “Lady Lovibond” several merchant ships team claimed to have seen the “Lady” at the crash site. There were sent to the boat, but rescuers could not find anyone.

One of the first ghost ships. “Octavius” was such, because its crew frozen in 1762 (at least, this is dated the last entry in the logbook) and the ship drifted for another 13 years and completed the voyage to the dead on board. The captain tried to find a short way from China to England through the Northwest Passage (a sea route through the Arctic Ocean), but the ship was icebound.


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The cargo ship was built in 1911 and carried the skins in the north-west Canada. In 1931 the ship during a routine flight got stuck in the ice. Only a week later the ice cracked under the weight of the ship, and the voyage was continued. However, 8 days later, history repeated itself. The crew went ashore, planning to wait until the thaw. But the next day the ship vanished. The crew decided that the ship sank, but the Coast Guard said they had seen “Baychimo” 60 kilometers from the coast in the ice. The company owner has decided to leave the ship, as it was pretty damaged, but he again escaped from the captivity of the ice and plowed the Bering Strait is still 38 years old. In 2006, the government launched a campaign of Alaska to capture “Baychimo”, but the success of the search failed.

“Carroll A. Deering”
American Freight pyatimachtovaya schooner was to leave the team in unknown circumstances at Cape Hatteras in North Carolina (USA). The ship was returning from Rio de Janeiro, where he drove the charcoal.

January 9, 1921 the schooner left Barbados, which made an intermediate stop. Then a few days later she was seen in the area of the Bahamas, and then – Cape Canaveral, and January 31 was found at Cape Hatteral stranded. The ship was not a single person. There was no rescue boat, but the food was prepared in the galley. Also, rescuers found on the deck of a gray cat, who took with them.

“Urango Medan”
In June 1947 Silver Star ship received a distress call from a Dutch ship Ourang Medan, located in the Gulf of Malacca. However, the message was received “with all dead signal. Soon it will come after me. ” Inspired by this reassuring message, Silver Star set out to find. The ship was found, but the whole team, including the ship’s dog was dead. Despite the fact that death was about 8 hours ago, the bodies were still warm. The bodies showed no signs of violence, but the hand of all the dead were stretched forward, as if they were protected.

The vessel was towed to the port agreed, but the fire started on it, and then it exploded. As it turned out, Ourang Medan has not been assigned to any port. According to one version, the cause of death of the crew and the ship itself was the smuggling of nitroglycerin or nerve gas remaining from the Second World War.

8Passenger liner “Valencia” sank off the coast of Vancouver in 1906. Rescue boats not enough at all (the feeling that we not only hear something like that, but even watching a movie with Leonardo DiCaprio …), and most of the passengers died. This, of course, led to the fact that the tragic history overgrown with myths, and “Valencia” regularly see local seamen before the storm. And in 1970 the shore washed completely empty lifeboat from the “Valencia” in excellent condition.