The ” Birthright ” gives a chance for a truly unforgettable trip. Learn how to apply for and what you expect on this trip.


The idea of the educational project for the representatives of the Jewish youth, have never been to Israel, belongs to philanthropists Michael Steinhardt and Charles Bronfman. Over 16 years of existence, the possibility of free travel program benefited more than 4,300 Muscovites.

Elena Shavrova
The participant program

The chance to learn a new facet of their own history and the history of my family – that’s what the “Birthright” for me.


Thanks to the “Taglitu” young men and women are discovering a whole new world: they get acquainted with the culture and traditions of Israel, to communicate with their peers, and the Israelis have a unique experience, knowledge and experiences.

What is included in the travel program

For 10 days, participants will tour Israel literally inside and out. They will visit Tel Aviv and the Galilee, the reserve of Ein Gedi at the Dead Sea, at the Wailing Wall and the Holocaust Museum, will visit the Bedouins in the desert and meet the dawn at the walls of the ancient fortress of Masada.

Catherine Chumichkina
The participant program

I will never forget the trip “Birthright” I met new friends, try delicious traditional food and learned about myself more than ever.

The group consists of 40 people, accompanied by her two madrichim (counselors). For a few days to join the group young Israelis, many of whom serve in the army. No problem with communication is not: Israeli participants speak the same language as the group.


During the joint tour participants get experience with previously unknown cultural environment. For many, it is often the beginning of a long friendship, and sometimes something more: a few pairs formed in the country, married.

“Birthright” sometimes abruptly changes lives by helping a new look to its origins, to learn more about their roots and feel belonging to the ancient people.

If you are not an ordinary tour is very appealing, you can choose a tour with the same interests:

  • “Birthright for doctors” – a trip for young doctors and medical students;
  • “Birthright Start-UP» – a program for young professionals in the field of IT, natural sciences, management and business;
  • “Birthright Extreme» – for athletes and active lifestyles;
  • “Birthright Art Mix» – for photographers, designers and artists.

How to travel

Here there are only two conditions: first, you must be between 18 and 26 years, and secondly, you must have Jewish roots. Quarter enough – in other words, someone from your grandparents to be a Jew.

If the second condition in doubt, talk to relatives and rummage in the family documents. You may have to even go to the archives. We need a birth certificate, military ID, or at least an extract from the house register.

Then you need to make a request: pass on the link and fill out the form. Pre-registration for the summer session of 2017 has already started, so we recommend not to delay the decision. If your application is approved, all travel expenses and accommodation in Israel, the organizer undertakes.

Ten Days to failure filled with experiences, meet new people, the atmosphere of friendship and universal unity – it is possible that the journey to the “Taglitom” will be important for you this year’s adventure.