It’s hard to keep from crying at the sight of this picture. This touching image of an elderly couple: century-old holds the hand of his 96-year-old wife shortly before her death.

The couple have been together 77 years, and now they are in the same beds next to each other.

On Grandfather’s blanket inscription, from which heart aches, “I love you.” Beside his wife sleeps. They hold hands.

This poignant photograph was posted on Reddit user with the nickname RealLiveGirl. She wrote about the photo: “My grandmother, who is 96 years old, my grandfather a hundred years, shortly before her death this weekend. 77 wedding anniversary. ”

Photography, which recently sealed a declaration of love, touched many.

One Reddit user network wrote: “My condolences on your loss. But they have been a great way to go. And they hold each other’s hand in a warm bed, and probably around them – favorite people. ”

“Condolences to your grandfather on the death of a companion of his life. Bless the Lord of all. “