Kylie Jenner did not really have a happy 19th birthday celebration as her sisters reportedly continued throwing shades at her boyfriend, Tyga during her birthday party.

“None of Kylie’s family likes Tyga and they let it be known last night” a source who was one of the guests said as cited from Radar Online. “They all just think that he is such a creep! Kylie was so upset at how they continue to throw him shade, even at her birthday!”

Too bad, the source also said that all of her sisters ‘rolled up in that place like it was their own party.’ “Kylie just seemed so over the fact that all of her sisters were trying to one up her. They all pretend to be so united but last night it was like every woman for themselves!”

Even her mother, Kris Jenner reportedly could not pretend that she likes him. Hmmm.. That really does not sound good.

Caityln and Kendall Jenner were not seen during the party, while Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna did not attend the party as she has been rumoured to not wanting to be around the couple “They were invited, but Blac does not ever want to be in the same place as Tyga and Kylie together. Ever.”