Kylie Jenner and Tyga are not dating anymore, but there is shocking news come from these stars.

Rumor has it that one of their sex tapes has been leaked on his own website for about 30 minutes before it was taken down. They were offered $10 million to sell their sex tapes but the American actress refused it.

But Kanye West does not just let it happen. He warned Tyga to not mess with his family especially his sister-in-law.

According to Hollywoodlife, an insider said, “This sex tape scandal with Kylie and Tyga is getting under his skin and he told Tyga if such a tape exists or sees the light of day Tyga might as well move out of Hollywood because he will be blacklisted.”

“He told Tyga that he’d end his rap career and shut down all his clothing stores if he pulled some s**t like that on his sister-in-law. It’s very personal for Kanye.”

Wow!! Isn’t that heart-touching? Whatever people think about Kanye, but it is like he is still a man who loves his family and will always have their back when they get in trouble.