The first digital trail you leave after a click on the icon of the browser: Session started at a certain time from a certain point of the planet. This is obvious and does not surprise anyone. Much more interesting, if you run a private mode and a couple of minutes left arm alone. And such information about you is collected, too. Experimental Page Clickclickclick confirm this.

Follow the link and you will see a green button in the center of the screen, which runs past the stream of incomprehensible information. In fact it is the first information about your browser activity.


For example, you talk about the movements of the cursor up to the distance in pixels of downtime, accidental clicks, hover the mouse on the objects, the window is resized, the PC settings, operating system, and all in the same spirit. A complete list does not make sense: the data are updated as you continue to use the browser.

Note the counter in the upper right corner. The project was implemented in the manner of the game: The more actions, the more interest drips. It is difficult to say what will be awarded when you reach 100%, because the wind them almost impossible. Go to the achievements to verify this independently.


So, for the sake of hundreds will have to spend long hours in idle or go to the website at a particular time with Internet Explorer. And it is only known purpose. I managed to get to 65%. Who is bigger? 🙂 By the way, progress is saved, so you can return to competition at a convenient time.

If you run through Clickclickclick statistics, it becomes clear that the browser knows us with such an angle, which we do not think. Perhaps there is nothing terrible in that the program remembers the speed with which we click with the mouse, in what order and launch your favorite websites where leave the cursor is read. On the other hand, this information will give anyone with guts, even if he is cautious: the behavior and habits of control it is very difficult.