Children need more than one month to learn to smile, but what happens if a child is almost blind? Chetyremesyachny Leopold Wilbur Reppond Seattle suffers from a form of albinism, seriously affected his eyesight. He never clearly saw his family, except his hands …: his father he learned, fingering his beard, his mother – stroking her face.

Due to the special children’s points of Miraflex baby Leo finally got a chance to see. In the video, which we are publishing below, Erin, mother of Leo, wears glasses on her boy. A moment later, he realizes that something has changed – and then lifted up his eyes and saw his mother for the first time, smiling.

Leo Kid never clearly saw his mother. He suffers from a rare disease, which almost deprived him of his sight. But see what happens when he gave the first points!

I was shocked. This is so touching.