Bad news, Beliebers! Justin just announced on his official Facebook page that he can’t tour in Argentina as he wrote, “Argentina I wish I could bring the purpose tour there but until the legal situation changes I won’t be coming. Rest of South America see you soon. Love you all.”

He also tweeted his apology to all his fans that he can’t bring the Purpose Tour to the second largest country in South America.

The Canadian singer did not explain about the situation that makes him cancels it, but if we take a look at what happened back in 2013, then it is probably a clue.

Three years ago when Bieber was having a concert in Argentina, someone just threw the country’s flag and the singer only wanted to move it away from his feet but he didn’t know that the thing he kicked was their flag.

He tried to apologize but the video has gone viral and now, it seems that the country still bans him for having a tour in their territory.

As what we can guess, a lot of Beliebers in Argentina are mourning over this news.