Julia Cave became famous on the entire Internet with their marriage rates: men with an income of up to 50 000 rubles do not consider those who have an income of up to 250 000 rubles, only accept gifts, if the income is more than 700 000 rubles – marry and serve!





You say that a man with an income of up to 50 thousand rubles should not multiply, and contact with them is dangerous. And, excuse me, if love …?

This is silly. Good sex can be secured with a man. Most likely she just sits on hormones, they stand out in her at the sight of this man. Their action lasts for a maximum of a year, if there was a pregnancy – is three years. And what’s next? Then she wakes up in the morning and asked myself as I am in all this heap?

Turk man asked three questions, you know what? “How much income? Which profession? Which car? “It immediately after the name. It saves time. A Slav – the most beautiful and gentle women in the world – spoil their men free sex.

And who is your husband by profession, how much earns, rides on a car?

My husband – an architect. Oleg Vasiliev. Who is developing several businesses. In 2014, he was a project in the construction industry, and earnings were decent. We went on a new BMW (I do not understand in their rooms, a sedan with leather interior) and Mitsubishi Pajero. In March 2015 the project ended. The customer went bankrupt. Revenue fell. I had to give the machine through the payment of salaries to employees. It is important that in any situation he could always feed and clothe me and the children. He earned always well above average even in difficult times. Just in April, he organized 3 new businesses, one of them – “shot”, it works now.

Amounts of income, I will leave for the tax returns. We have enough. We are building a house on his land in Toksovo. The son attends a private kindergarten. Now the car is easier – the new Hyundai. Business demands investments so long as, but no credit, I Opel.

How long have you been counseling?

About one and a half years. Training’m a little over 2 months. The premiere was in St. Petersburg. At the premiere, there were 23 girls. In the advanced course were 11 girls. In total more than 500, even if considered as one-time consultation.

Tell me, why did you decide to start to run their course and to teach women how to choose men?

You see, the woman’s nature is such that we can not choose men. Before, for us it’s fathers had done, in many cultures it has remained. In our – no. This is one of the reasons why a large number of divorces and single women with children and without. I wish the girls happiness. To do this, you need to understand some things. When you understand the brain, how and when, it’s your choice, not just hormones – life becomes more manageable.

Do I understand correctly that a woman should not work but should … give love a man?

The first man to love. If a woman chooses a man’s way – it’s unfortunate personal life, unrealized motherhood, illness.

Working women – is to give a man of love and sex, and he, as a man, for it must provide it financially?

Not really. This did not work. That’s life. And no one no one should. It’s just normal. The mother loves and protects the child, man woman, woman taking care of man. It’s just normal. Other – is not normal.

How do your students receive gifts from men, which then spread in social networks?

The idea is to ask the men what you want. All men, and friends and strangers. And those who know for a long time and those who have recently. Just when something you want – ask men. The meaning of the exercise – to learn how to take care and be grateful. It is built in, and the girls are starting to look at all men as defenders. Dear men.

That is the task of the girls to stop trying to get yourself somewhere money, if they want something, and soon learned to ask for and accept help from men?

Yes. This is the basis of the relationship with the man and the woman now it’s turned off. Because all sama-sama. Money earns. That does not add up in her relationship with the opposite sex.

You can close your eyes to the fact that a man is walking to the left, if he continues to operate normally provide for the family?

If walking and married less than 20 years, it means that his wife does not give what he needs. If one can not cope – they are different.

What changes, if married more than 20 years?

If more than 20 years, then the women and men can already be very different interests. As Putin and his wife Lyudmila Alexandrovna. Different pace of life and the paths diverge. It is important to stay close people, friends, support each other.

And why did you choose the name for the training “Alpha female”?

We are in fact, and the remaining animals. Especially women. Especially in regard to the reproduction of questions. Courtship games have not changed for centuries.

She chooses a man on the primitive criteria (instincts).

Previously, religion restricted woman in her demands of animals and man at the same time obliged to take care of her. Now neither one nor the other. Now I teach the girls themselves and control themselves while doing so, that the man cared. When a man does not give a large part of their earnings to children and women – it degrades. And when it includes women and children – that all is well. Man develops, and the woman is being implemented in motherhood and love. Dad strong – beautiful mother. Dad loves his mother because my mother take care of him, my mother loves my father, because he cares for her. Codependency in this way is very positive for the family.

Tell about your family?

I have two children. A daughter from his first marriage – 13 years. My ex-husband is also a well-earned in construction. Powered by themselves. A very decent man, and we have good relations. The youngest son of 2.5 years.

What would you advise to choose a wife to his son?

Wife advise one that will love him. Respect his interests. But myself will love, because you can not love another until you learn to love yourself.

Tell me, if a man is married and divorce is not going to, but is willing to maintain and give the money – then your understanding is acceptable to sleep with him?

At some point, if the girl is a way to solve their problems right now, and it like a man – yes. I have more on this: “With only married for a lot of money! Yesterday, the girls discussed in coaching married men. I think it will be useful for everyone. Dear, married dating with permission, but only temporarily and for a lot of money. Shovel their pockets “to zero.” Especially those who have children! I am a woman and I know what I’m talking about! ”

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