Johnny Depp got divorced just some days after he lost his mother. Johnny and Amber have been married for 15 months and she called it quit because of irreconcilable differences.

But, why?

Based on multiple sources, there are some reasons why she filed for divorce and one of them is that Amber Heard married Johnny Depp only for fame and money.

“Amber really thought her career would skyrocket after marrying Johnny and it didn’t. She is very career driven and wants to be one of the biggest stars in the film industry,” said an insider to HollywoodLife.

“She’s focused on that and having to babysit Johnny and deal with his emotional ups and downs was too much.” the insider continued.

However, it has been 15 months but her career does not improve while facing Johnny’s bad habit is not also easy.

According to Aceshowbiz, a report said that the actress hated his habit of going out late night, “Johnny is a moody, emotional guy
who is not an easy person to live with. He liked to think of himself as the Keith Richards of actors, and he also became more and more interested in being a rock and roll star as he got older which meant late nights in blues clubs and the studio.”

That his mother and children do not like Amber has also reportedly become the reason why the marriage did not work. As TMZ reported that his family called her “a terrible person” and all the problems started when the actor brought his mom to spend time in his home in Los Angeles where the couple lived.