Visiting Layfhakera person working in sales for over 15 years. He was passionately in love with their job and lives with the motto “Go ahead!”. Welcome to Danny Perekalskiy office.


What do you do in your work?

Speaking globally, my main role – in defining the right strategy for the business and setting goals for the team. The team should be a motivation for all of us went to the target in the same direction.

I work not only with the team, but also with customers. I aspire that we were closer to them. Every day I read reviews about our work, including social networks. Reviews are important to ensure that our strategy is based on an understanding of customer needs, and to see what else is needed to improve their lives.


So every day I balance between colleagues and customers. Both determines future success.

Before I lived orange project and my great pride – “Dixie.” This project is very much changed my life, I made a great contribution to my development, especially in the understanding of life in Russia.

What is your profession?

I did not choose the profession. Life has given me the opportunity to work in a place where my passion. I have always followed his instincts and was busy with things that brought me pleasure, which I passionately wanted to do. I think that the passion is very important. This is a driver for the development of the right direction of life.

I like stories that some people are not suitable for universities, but eventually found his passion. For example, Steve Jobs or Spielberg.

Even with a degree, I do not believe that education is necessary. Life – the best teacher. The academic environment makes all the same, and I think that the differences – that’s fine.

At university I studied management and economics. After an MBA in marketing. And I am not enrolled in Israel’s best university, where he wanted to learn. But a few years later, I was invited back as a speaker, so I told the students about his experiences.


I was not a model student (to put it mildly). Already during training to focus more on gaining experience in the business. I passed the test with the help of his good friends.

When studying for an MBA, I was the CEO of Nielsen. And at work I gained more experience than at a university. Diploma gave me a lot, but at the same time, my education – the subject of my mother’s pride. All my diplomas hanging on her wall.

His children I say that education is an option today. For some, it is important for some – no. Some work, some – not. But unfortunately, sometimes you need to unlearn five years to understand it.

What should know and be able to people working in your field?

It should have the company’s management experience, team work, working with buyers. The more difficulties he overcame, the richer his experience. Every difficult situation and a challenge in the past to help the success in the future.

What are your strengths and weaknesses?

My approach to work and customers – it’s part of me, my DNA. It helps that I never stop halfway and tempered in demanding situations. It is important not only to turn off the road to your goal, but do not change the very purpose.

On the other hand, I always know what you can do even better, and rarely satisfied with the result of a hundred percent.

How does your workplace?

For me the important power and my workplace is not boring, and color. There’s a lot of light. The situation should contribute to creativity.


When there is no negotiation, my door is always open. On the table are mandatory candy for colleagues to treat ourselves, while we are discussing the news. Also on my desk a family photo to remember the meaning of life. On the wall of the inscription as a business reference point: “We are building a life in which everyone will buy in Russian everything that is necessary, beneficial, convenient, on-line.”


More and more often I use the iPhone and a laptop. On Friday night I include wireless speakers to listen to music and finish the week on a positive note.

iPhone with me always. This is my first assistant.

Applications that use most often:

  • WhatsApp (trendy, comfortable, like group chats);
  • Gett;
  • Facebook;
  • Instagram;
  • IMDb;
  • iTunes, so listen to music;
  • application

Notifications come from WhatsApp and social networks.

Browser – the Google the Chrome . I love Google. One noticed that the laptop look only site Everything else is a step by step turned into application. Mail Outlook – is our corporate standard. News learn from social networks or from my colleagues Masha Nazamutdinovoy.

Photo edit rare, I do not have a separate application for this. And when all the edit, then straight into Instagram.

The scheduler and calendar – the iPhone. I love the iPhone.

Is there a place in your paper work?

I try not to use paper. But sometimes, when suddenly comes to my mind some idea, and I do not want to forget it, still have to pick up a pen and notebook.

How do you organize your time?

In addition to the morning, I do not have any special regulations. I start the day early, finish late.

My morning

I’m an extreme bird . I get up around six in the morning (on weekends – at 7:00). But always I wake up before the alarm.

The morning gives me energy. Be sure to do a 15-minute charge: some dynamic exercises, strap, twist. Then a shower to the brain started to work (many daily ideas come just in the shower). Drink fresh juice (orange, carrot, lately apple with ginger) and start the day!

My day

Work during the day is constructed differently. Typically, the following schedule in the calendar. Sometimes it is a meeting with colleagues and team, sometimes – with our partners, shareholders, customers, or business trips.

At least once a month visit our main warehouse in Tver and our delivery office in the Marina Roscha. Every few months, I happen to our regional warehouses in Yekaterinburg and Kazan, as well as in our call center in Tambov and our office in St. Petersburg.

My evening

I finish the day more relaxed, spending time with my family, I answer letters. And if left forces, I read books, mostly about how the brain works . Such books help to better understand people and their behavior, and therefore, is how business. In the brain work and business have in common: both need to grow every day, or death.

I am happy when learning something new, when I see that people around me are also being developed. When I see that promotes positive changes in the family and the children are happy, and when I read the positive comments.

I go to bed around midnight, after viewing all customer reviews with the hashtag #ozonru.

How do you feel about the delegation of authority?

Of course, I choose to delegate.

There is not a chance to do everything yourself and succeed. We need a strong team.

It is my great personal lesson. Previously, I tried to do everything himself. But the more experienced you become, the more you realize how important a strong team around. The team that you can trust, and each member of which – the expert in a separate part of the business.

How to pass the time in traffic jams?

It’s great that there are traffic jams! This is a great time for thoughts, plan the day.

I listen to music or radio DFM, Chocolate radio or calling parents. They love it when I’m stuck in traffic. 🙂


What’s your hobby?

Cinema. Over the weekend, I look one or two films, the genre can be anything.

I love sports, I draw inspiration in it for the business. I take a lot of sports, I learned a lot through it. Every weekend I play tennis, it switches the brain for other thoughts.

I like to walk with my dog Kelly. This helps to relax.

I am inspired by nature, the world and people. Simple things in life.

Layfhakerstvo from Danny Perekalskiy



What is your life motto?