Cold came, as always, suddenly, putting in front the beautiful half of humanity the eternal question: what to wear to stay warm and still look beautiful? Introducing the top-5 practical and fashionable outerwear winter season.

1) Park

Park – a trend item for several seasons. It is not only stylish, but also very warm outerwear. The long, light, and, as a rule, with a hood. Excellent fit in the daily urban style. Park can be fur podstezhkoy (which in many models detachable) and without light (for the autumn-spring). Usually present on the bottom kuliske parks and for adjusting the waist size.




Fits Park and with trousers and skirts. It looks great with Timberland, comfortable shoes and go on a low steady heel, rough shoes, sneakers.5

Models are for all tastes: classical, sports, as well as the fancy of more expensive materials, with unusual collars, rich decor, fluffy fur (and natural and artificial).6


2) Sheepskin

The time has passed when the coats were extremely heavy and dense. Modern technologies and materials allow easy fashion, comfortable and practical sheepskin. A wide variety of models, both natural and artificial, make this the subject of winter wardrobe favorite of many fashionistas.



Short, long, flared and straight, free and asymmetrical cut, lightweight, or, conversely, very warm, with interior motion hood or collar beautiful – you see, the choice is huge. If you prefer a sheepskin coat in the winter as outerwear, I suggest to make choices based on lifestyle, such as shapes and colors of your ideal.10


3) Winter coat

For those who want to be stylish, excellent option in the winter season can be a winter coat with a modern heater Thinsulate. Selection of large and luxurious with a hood fur collar, close-fitting, with a belt, or a free cut. Very light and warm cashmere winter coats considered.




Beautiful, elegant, but, in my opinion, not for those who are very much freezing this time of year. Help out those fashionistas who are not too heat-loving and relatively warm winters (which, incidentally, are not uncommon in recent times).15


4) Down jacket

It does not need an introduction: many of us choose a down jacket as a “uniform” in the cold season. This comfortable, practical outerwear is always current. Variety huge: long, short, three-dimensional, ultra-light, different patterns and styles – each woman can choose the down jacket according to your taste.




Elegance down jacket lends an unusual style, interesting decor and rich texture (satin, silk). There is an opinion that it is impossible to look feminine down jacket, but modern fashion offers to our attention not only interesting models oversayz and asymmetry, but also quite feminine model in the style of New Look.20


5) Coat

On this subject a lot of winter wardrobe will not say, as now particularly active, including among designers, motion for the rejection of fur. However, many – and the designers, and ladies – are still considered the warmest fur and beautiful attribute of the cold season. Fortunately, the fur is now sew and faux fur, and modern technologies allow such products to look the most natural.



In a fashion bright multi-colored fur and oversayz model but classic styles and colors also do not leave the world’s catwalks.24