Fans are mourning after Bieber posted a screenshot of his note on Instagram saying that he does not want to take pictures with anyone in public.

Ah.. So sad…

But now, a girl named Kailyn Ferrara claimed that she is the reason why Justin Bieber got so upset and finally took the heart-breaking decision.

She uploaded a video of herself bombarding Justin with her phone and now, she is trying to apologize.

Kailyn explained to Mix 104 on May 9 that she and her friend were waiting for Justin outside his hotel and got too excited to see him. She decided to give him a hug and put her phone up, but then she realized that the 22 years old star didn’t like that. His security guard also warned her, “You shouldn’t do that without asking first.”

Now, the Bieb fan regrets it and she feels the need to do something. Unfortunately, Bieber’s fans seem dislike it. Some of them blame her for what she has done and the poor girl is currently facing cyber-bully.

However, the Kailyn chooses to ignore all hatred messages and comments she gets and she still want to say sorry to her idol.

Well, let’s just hope that it is not too late to say sorry.