It was announced earlier this month that both Adam Rose and Konnor from The Ascension had been suspended by WWE for 90 days after violating WWE’s Wellness Policy.

This meant that both The Social Outcasts and The Ascension were missing a key member of their group and would be for the next three months, so the obvious solution was to put both the groups together.


The Social Outcasts were shown looking for a new member of their group last Monday night when they tried to add Apollo Crews, but Apollo stated that if he could defeat a current member of the team, then they had to leave him alone. He later defeated Heath Slater in a one-on-one match on Raw.

This past week at a live event from Newcastle, England Curtis Axel teamed up with Viktor from The Ascension and Viktor was wearing a Social Outcasts shirt.

It was joked online that since both teams are missing a member, it would be a perfect idea for WWE to pair the two groups together and allow Viktor to still gain some ring time and perhaps change his gimmick in the process.


Since their historic run in NXT, The Ascension seem to have hit a brick wall in WWE with them currently being used as jobbers to put over debuting groups.

Luckily, before his suspension, The Ascension was knocked out of the current tag team championship match tournament and many fans didn’t hold out much hope for them gaining a push in the near future.

This leaves Viktor in a position where he could either wait around for three months for Konnor to return and their gimmick to continue, or WWE could take advantage of the fact that Viktor’s team mate is now out of action and give him a new gimmick.

This could easily lead to Viktor turning on The Social Outcasts when Konnor is set to return which, in turn, could lead to a decent feud for both groups.

It is unknown how Adam Rose will fit back into WWE when he is allowed to return, he has already been through three different gimmicks on the main roster and perhaps wouldn’t survive another character repackage. That means he would probably be placed back with his old group too if Viktor does leave. Otherwise, Rose could find himself out of the action once again whilst he waits for WWE to find him a story line.