This is a well-known in South America published a Chinese-language publication, translated into Japanese and Western into Chinese materials. A Japanese army officers interrogation of Chinese women's memoirs, the original title of "female spy", the full text of about one hundred thousand words. The following excerpt of two of them. The story of the first person in the tone, the Japanese devil with more than 20 kinds of tragic torture, the trial of Chinese female spy scene.

Female Spy (Excerpt)

Wild mountains to her anti-tied his hands with a large hook from the submandibular hook through her jaw hanging on the ceiling hanging down the chain, so her feet only toes touch the ground. Confused her mouth, a mess around the neck is full of blood. She looked up miserably backwards, and the sharp tip of her chin was strangely the highest point of the man.

At this point, their goal out of the riverbank hostel door. She was carrying a heavy luggage in hand, along the town's only road forward more than two hundred meters. Heading to a 23-wing truck, the girl waved, the car stopped. Climb out of a white student-like boy, laughing like a flower.

The girl gave the driver a note, which caused the latter to burst into laughter. "Get on, get on," he said in a series. Far from behind the two plainclothes gendarmes stared at them.

Ten seconds of silence. Farther out of a small hotel out of a guy wearing a Chinese gown, waving a pistol in his hand. He shouted in Japanese: "No driving, no seizing her!" When three men: two gendarmes and a Chinese spy, picking up a note from the ground when they pressed the girl to the side of the car and searched her body , The above crooked read: "Please take the Japanese to find the toilet outside the big Zuozuo." Japanese Grand Zuo who first questioned the white left that kid. White left the agency that the girl belongs to a military intelligence organization, is responsible for the delivery of goods and intelligence liaison. Her public work is the provincial capital XX Higher National School teachers, the name is female prisoners.


trial The Japanese Zuo Zai took two gendarmes directly to the back yard, while the second lieutenant to mention a young woman to the inquiry room next door to the so-called “Room II”, “hang up and let her call twice.” It was intended to intimidate her when she interrogated the female liaison officer. That Chinese people only know so much. Hesitated about ten minutes after the Japanese army ordered the return to the provincial capital Dasuo, the girl back to the Japanese team’s team. The first day of the provincial capital of the gendarmerie unit in a quiet small street accounted for a small yard, said the original owner is a seclusion of Chinese officers. Japanese soldiers in front of a large row of the construction of a row of temporary detainees in the brick house, the main room for the use of personnel units. The backyard was originally a few rooms where the servant lived on the wall as the interrogation room. The yard next door to live with a team of Japanese soldiers with the action of the Chinese police.3

The young girl was brought in. Japanese Zuozuo let her sit down and stared at her for about three minutes. When they arrested her on the ridge, they put her in handcuffs. She put her handcuffed hands flat on her lap and sat upright in her chair. She is not a beauty. Although the egg-shaped face, a touch of eyebrows and thin eyes are painted in the face like a few fine lines. Nose narrow, nose a little sharp. But her skin white, neck and arms are also very long.4

The Japanese army from the most general problems began. What is the name, a few years old, where people, doing, what people at home and so on. She replied calmly, and said the real situation. Called female prisoners, twenty-three years old, in the XX National Higher School to teach, and so on. Interestingly, she said that two days to the neighboring provinces to turn such a circle because the school quarrel with the boss, a fit of anger to find a place to stay for a few days. This is a good design answer. Because visiting relatives and friends need to provide real names and addresses, will have to say more things can be verified. Finally, the Japanese army, said: “Well, well, you get the transmitter to go there. Say out, the Japanese army we all do not have to waste time.” Gendarmes have broken up her belt that suitcase, There is neither a transmitter nor a thing of value. She pretended to be taken aback. “What transmitter, the Japanese army how will have a transmitter?” Japanese Dazuo stopped to continue to stare at her. Quiet from the woman next door screams. The Japanese army to persuade her for a while. Stammered to say that the Imperial Army is to help the Chinese people, and she was very young, do not work for a country Caucasoid like hate. Japanese Dazuo can say some Chinese, but very skilled. Female captives are naive to screw up her small eyes looked at the Japanese large Zuo.5

Intimidation Now for whether to let Nakagawa continue to do the Japanese Dazuo some hesitant, some women will be completely abandoned after the rape of resistance, like the loss of a pillar like to ask an answer, but may also become completely silent. From the female prisoners were insulted to the reaction of the Japanese Grand Can not tell she would be the kind of situation. The Japanese army stood up and stopped the Nakagawa. “Do you want to try and see how many pigs you can enter in a night?” “Thirty, forty?” She frightened, weakly. Said: “You can not treat the Japanese Zuo, the Japanese army is a law-abiding citizens.” Japanese Da Zuo approached her in the past, this is the first time to carefully examine her naked. Like most yellow women, her legs are as slender as her arms and neck, and look very noticeable. “Say! Where is the thing? Where to go?” Standing in front of her step away, the Japanese large Zuo suddenly loudly roared. “Japanese army is a teacher, do not want to send anything.” “Bastard, looking for trouble sows.” Japanese large Zuozhuang angry out of the door to go, while the gendarmerie, said: “to the next door to go6

In order to produce results, wild mountain her anti-tied with both hands with a large hook from the submandibular hook through her jaw hanging on the ceiling hanging down the chain, so that her feet only toes touch the ground. Confused her mouth, a mess around the neck is full of blood. She looked up miserably backwards, and the sharp tip of her chin was strangely the highest point of the man. A recruits sitting in front of her guarding a northern Chinese residents commonly used small coal stove, and so on will be out of a red-hot iron bars by female students who. Female students like the whole body like a twist of fish, because the mouth was not screamed out in the hook, she just issued from the depths of the throat painful sob. Hanging whip The Japanese army took note of the female prisoners brought in to face to avoid torture scenes, but she did not become so cooperative. The Japanese soldier sat down in a chair against the wall and ordered, “Let’s do it.” The gendarmerie pushed her to the side of the schoolgirl who had her cuddly smell, and hooked her handcuffs with another hanging hook. Hanging from the ground to the ground, and then waving military belt fiercely pumping her body. Playing about more than forty under the Japanese Zuozuo halt. Put her down from the top, she supported the upper body with his arm under the support, rapid breathing. White skin surface of the high muster of a one of the purple scar. The original neat short hair was sweat messy dip in the forehead and cheek.7

Bamboo finger clip The gendarmerie knelt a woman on the ground, her hands for the front, to her fingers one by one into the thick side chopsticks folder. Two stout guy holding the two ends of the chopsticks, expression indifferent hard pressed. Moment of a woman ‘s right hand on the four fingers straight to open greatly extended in the air, and she kneeling after the body is like being pulled out of the bones so limp to the floor swinging. She instinctively in the frenzy back to the pumping force of their own hands, the gendarmes to seize the handcuffs to pull her hand to the right height, re-start ruthless clip her next two fingers. Later put on her left hand. “Good girl, do not think? Where to get things?” She lay sideways, a pair of fine eyes staring at the Japanese large Zuo looked for a long time, silent. Nakagawa brought a thick plank pressed on her ankle bone, the feet wearing boots heavy to stepped on. Girl painfully “ouch” a cry, Nakagawa raised his foot about what to stomp, and finally made her scream again and again. This is the punishment for the first time after she could not help but cry pain.8

Dragged her up to heaven tied to the iron bed. In the foot that head into a few bricks to make her head lower, with a wet towel to block her nose. So she had to open her mouth in order to breathe. Nakagawa put the cold water kept falling down to her mouth. She cough and choke to struggle in the water column below, Nakagawa is veteran, while Kung Fu put her belly filling was greatly up. Solution down on the ground Meng step on her stomach. She weakly tried to Nakagawa's shoes from his belly to open, of course, is useless. Water poured out of her mouth, nostrils, and anus.

Made her face covered with water is dripping, the ground has become wet and slippery. Japanese Zuozuo to pick up a phone call back, the two gendarmes have been to the side, leaving her a man lying there twitching with endless vomiting. Then she spit it out is a small mouth, small mouth, red blood. On the ground to hold her and gave her irrigation almost a lead barrel of water. Watching the slender woman handcuffed together in the rounded belly on the belly wriggling body to try to avoid stepping on the boots, the kind of hell-like scenario is that everyone should be sympathetic to it. However, the Japanese had just received a large team of the call is the team's call, the roar of the Junior is still in the Japanese large ear ringing. Japanese Zuozuo will not have much patience.


The Japanese zuozuo bent down to the woman on the ground to seize her wet hair. At this time the female prisoners have been completely without the seriousness of the teacher as a serious look. Her pale, half - open mouth full of water, waves of piercing retching her whole body trembling like a leaf in the wind the same.

"Please, please - do not recycle - the Japanese army - the Japanese zodiac is really - do not know anything." "Ah, is that it?" Japanese Daisu gloomy smile. Although she is still denying, but it seems to have been about to collapse. "Enlighten enlighten her." The Japanese Dazuo said the Chinese will say the wild hills.

The merchant of the pre-war shop in China prefers to show that he will skillfully use the roll-up accents of northern China. He squatted around a woman twittering said for a long time, to the effect that no one in the gendarmerie can survive three days not speak. Japanese zuo zuo they do for her is only just a beginning. The Japanese are going to be how the big Zuo, a woman can also how to how. She whispered, "You killed the Japanese army


Japanese Junzhu will put her, give her money, give her somewhere else to find something to do. This is of course a lie. Those who have been identified as anti-Japanese elements, whether confessed or not, have very few to be released. An object with intelligence background, such as a female prisoner, is almost certain to be executed after she confesses all the time, or may be detained for a long time, and what may be used in the future. But this is not the immediate problem. The problem now is that the Japanese army DaZuo noted in the wild mountain chatter endlessly the girl with eyes closed there is no reaction, the Japanese big zuo realize that she is only cunning to take advantage of this opportunity to rest. Alcohol burning feet “The above is already baked, and will not make the following uneven.” Girl feet deep bow with her flat body vertical erected there, the gendarmerie put cotton group poured alcohol, tied with a thin wire to her Of the soles of the feet. Fire point up, the beginning of alcohol emitting almost invisible blue fire. She slammed her legs, driving the iron beds are shaking up, while partial over from the side watching themselves are emitting two smoke blue smoke feet. She clenched her lip for a bit more forcefully to return to the legs, so quietly and fasten the rope to fight ankle for a minute or two.11

Steel needle

Usually used to sew the jacket about five centimeters long needle lifted to her, intimidate her. And then at the bottom of the nose with the tip of the girl to her hot rotten skin tender meat on the plan, each plan to make her like a cold-like straight chills. Finally, the poor woman stared at the needle Flanagan a centimeter from the middle of his forehead bar into it. I am afraid she will feel like the bar in the ape on the same bar.

The girl's body muscles as a man as a piece of the stands, under the skin highlights a clear outline. Her delicate body now stretched as tight as the straight bowstring. Suddenly, the bird is being plunged into the needle of the right breast like to obtain an independent life-like, in the hands of a flick in the Nakagawa jump up, jump from the top of the wound will suddenly emerge from a blood Beads.

And it should be, the girl is staring stare at its small eyes also gush a large tear.

Nakagawa picked up the second needle and showed it to her - and then tied it in a little bit below the first needle.


Looking at the second needle into the half, female prisoners want to close your eyes, several voice immediately cursed: “Open your eyes, look good!” At the same time more hard to tear her hair. She then open eyes, suddenly weakly said: “Do not, do not bar.” Tone is very special. We realized this and stopped. She swallowed a bit of saliva, saying: “The Japanese army big zuo, the Japanese army zuo zuo tells you. Gendarmes put her head back to the iron bed, together with the Japanese army to see. The Japanese big zuo looked at the watch, ten o’clock a little more. If this is true, there is still time to do something today. “Where is the transmitter,” he said. “In the riverside, the soybean set along the river south of more than 100 meters, maybe, two hundred meters, there is a mud house behind. Japanese Zhuo Chaoye Mountain saw a large, he later worked with that white left Chinese agents for most of the day, the female prisoners in the ridge through the line again several times. He nodded slightly, meaning she had been there.13

"Why put it there?"

She was a little surprised.

"What, let people take it."

It is ashamed that the Japanese Zuozuo has been waiting for the liaison in the small town around, and ultimately determine that no one tracked after a sneaky slipped to the door of a Chinese living in the yard, gently knocked a few doors. Until she came out from the inside when the hand has no mouth that box. So the Japanese have always thought that the Japanese large Zuo Zuo who sent things before she seized her. In two or three days, those who wait to receive something may not be able to get timely warning. The Japanese have been in the fantasy led by a large group of action group rushed into the most mysterious intelligence organization of a contact station or even a command center. But now the situation is not the same, the Japanese Zuozuo the thought of this "mailbox" delivery methods. Must be in the past few years the Japanese army with the bandits to fight too much for the Japanese big Zuo become stupid.

"Oh, it hurts," she groaned. "Drink some water for the Japanese."

The Japanese army made a big "on that bar," said. The gendarmes unfastened the rope on her wrist and lifted her upper body from the iron bed.


I do not suspect that the female Japanese prisoners will eventually collapse. Those who insist that the Japanese Kempeitai have not pressed for honesty and honesty do not exist. So that the Japanese big Zuo urgent only time, time dragged on for too long prisoners say anything does not make sense. But the Japanese do not like female prisoners Da Zuo this time performance. Most people will not tolerate extreme pain, into a completely frenzy of the state agreed to confess. And then let him take a break a little time to start questioning, he will be very co-operation. Because he was already frightened, as long as the threat, and said to give him a try again just enough to eliminate the means to recalcitrant his idea. The female captive is not the closest to the collapse of the time throw in the towel. And the situation just cool compared to the attitude of her speech seemed too cool a little.

Large Japanese swept her big, leaning on the chair of the girl is head down with his hand gently pressed his left hand into the two stitches of the left breast, pursed his lips to blow up. Her legs stretched outright, and to the two sides are very open - close together will be more pain, no one is facing the front of her men. Day and night effort put this should be shy unmarried woman into this look. Maybe she is really not work.


“Miss Chen, Japanese generals who start it.” The standard interrogation should allow the subject to be interrogated to start from the beginning, let her step by step to organize their own stories. But now the Japanese army can not wait. “do not know” “Do you know when he’ll pick it up?” “do not know.” “Something went to how do you report to the contact?” “Japanese big zuo in three days after wearing a red scarf from latitude four road HongChang cloth walk to music in the museum, the Japanese do not go is an accident.” “How does your contact get in touch with you?” He sent the letter to the school concierge, and if it was about half past five, the Japanese had to go to the mailbox and take instructions or things to send.16

“Where is the mailbox?” “In the back of a mountain cave, there is a crevice.” “Hongshan mountain -, very good. From which way to go? Is Li Zhuang in front of the road, there is a stone arch? “” No, it is Xiaogou this side. So she is really familiar with the Red Hill. The road in front of the arch is dead. “Where is the specific location?” “To the top of the hill, turn to the right of a small road turn into the location of this is difficult to say clearly. “This time to go to the city of XX radio instructions are here to take it?” “Yes.” “What day?” “The first three days, no, is the day before it.”17

“The nonsense! You this degrading woman!” The Japanese DaZuo handle heavily on the table, the scorer around the startled. “The 27th Squadron of the Imperial Army made a mountain exercise in Hongshan, and the hillside has been blocked for seven or eight days!” She was stunned for a moment. Lips shake a few times, no sound. “Dare to deceive the Imperial Army – think about the taste you just tasted, and they will pierce the needle one by one into your flesh, will cut off your flesh piece by piece. The Japanese army put on a smiling face to her side, touched her shoulder branded injury. Four fingers were overflowing the liquid was slippery, and felt her Japanese Zuozuo shivering. “Little girl, the Japanese big zuo know you are painful, pain was wrong, then again from scratch again, where the transmitter hidden?18

There is no 27 squadron, there is no combat drills. But if you do not really go somewhere in the time you say, you can not be sure of it or not. The problem with the object being tried is that the prepared statement can not be changed. You say you are an ordinary teacher, do not know what is do not know. Re-fabricated lies can never be without loopholes. The Japanese army to think of female captives, of course, is to know this, but she really can not stand.

Japanese Zuozuo think she is going to speak again, said most of the facts will be.

She did not try to excuse, she knew it was useless, only Yue Yue said worse. But she bit her lip and said nothing.

The Japanese Zuo Zuo suppressed anger and disappointed turned back to the table, came a mess behind the ring and the woman barely suppressed with the "oh - oh -" voice.