Other published in the tape your photo with a story about what he was a potential bone marrow donor. It’s a flash mob # SchedryyVtornik, who invented the “Fund of development of philanthropy” to people who do good deeds, could tell.

In the comments to the post almost immediately sounded biblical quote: “When you give alms, do not sound a trumpet before thee, as the hypocrites do in the synagogues and in the streets, to be honored by men. Verily I say unto you, They have their reward. Do you, when thou doest alms, let your left hand know what the right one. ”

And I wondered. Like the soul feel that the opposite is true: talking about the good works and now we need to correct, but the quote something – here! do not go against Scripture.

And I thought this: the evangelical phrase was uttered in a very different cultural context. An orthodox Jew was practically obliged to give alms, it was the norm and general criterion “rukopozhatnosti”. This also enjoyed “the hypocrites in the synagogues and in the streets”, stated that his donation like this: “I’m like everyone else, no worse than others. I am a God-loving and generous – but it is so necessary, it is customary among decent people, all good people do. And if I do it too, I – good! “.

In other words, it is veiled vanity in the external form of virtue. I raise its status by this action:. “To give glory to my people”

However, this context is, in my opinion, is completely absent in Russia today. We currently do not have a culture of public charity. Culture for help from us so far “village”: it embarrassed to ask, and this assistance diminishes, for whom it is intended. Therefore, to talk about it a shame: thus you seem to despise the man who helped. Show off their “superiority” – shame.

In addition, in this culture too ashamed to be pious. Because if you’re too Dobrenky, you “fool”, “blazhennenky” and generally waster management. I think those people who take foster children, fully felt the stigma is. “Too good” act – the same “wrong” as too evil. Because indecent tear “stranger” a piece of himself, from his family, from the economy. So be all and do not put out! Look what udumal!

Therefore, the wording for the above flashmob was chosen as follows: “I am happy to admit that …”. In other words, a kind of coming out: “I’m not ashamed to admit that I do it.” And then the world a message completely different: “I’m not like everyone else, I’m weird. I know that this is not made for people. But look at me, you know me, I’m normal, and the means to do so – okay too. Let’s do that more often! “.

Here I put their status and their charisma is to raise the status of philanthropy in my environment. Because my action was not “good for the default” – it may very well not to stumble on the “glorification of the people” and the ridicule and condemnation. It’s more like another biblical story – how Christ heals on the Sabbath. The case seems good, but is not accepted, it should not, strange and embarrassing. But I’ve still. I take and do my strange and even a bit indecent good. And you do it!

So I would have to follow the example: I’m happy to admit that was five times the blood donor.

Do you have a confession?