I want to bring the story of the life of one of the outstanding contemporary theologian. This theologian rather tight, let’s face it – fat. Once he said that, while he was still very young student of the Moscow State University, came to Sergiev Posad. The day was sunny, gentle, and he walked slowly in the Trinity-Sergius Lavra. Towards also slowly, moving a monk. Coming closer, our student saw that the monk impressive size. Being a man of well-mannered and cultured, loud young pilgrim, of course, I said nothing, but in his heart thought: ‘Wow ascetic, won a belly otel “. Monk walked past for some reason whirled and, coming close to the student, leaning his stomach in his chest, angrily said: “You know why I’m so fat … This is because your age a fat monk condemned?!.” And slowly I went on …

For a long time, a long time watched the retreating figure of the monk thick future theologian …

The problem of “the fullness of Orthodoxy,” the idea is to excite ecclesiastical society. Since, by definition, looks for man – not the main thing. Still, in his address full girl or woman from the parishioners or skinny old women can often hear reproaches – “say, chrevougodnitsa”. Those who think the same way after reading the name – say, “eat should be less” – let me remind you that, if lose weight was so easy, there would not be with us much fat, including among the stars, and those in power, for whom the idea at all when having more money would have problems losing weight absent.

I have long ceased complexes about appearance, the only moment when I think about their “excess weight” – is when I go shopping. I believe that if God wanted everyone to be the same – and so would have been. For me as a biologist, physician and generally educated person, it is clear that full of people – it’s not the nature of the error, not a disease, not some sort of deviation from the norm. For many cultures a woman weighing 70 kilograms – is not complete, a woman weighing 100 kilograms – is normal.


This is particularly prevalent in countries where the general standard of living is low, and also popular traditional family. Where the fat man – a rich man, where the main purpose of a woman – procreation, where women stay at home. In Morocco, for example, girls specially fattened before the wedding. And for the Arab countries as a whole are not peculiar to the ideal of thinness. In India, the traditional bride should not be thin, and actresses to Bollywood cinema plump forced to fold at the waist were.

In Africa, among the Hottentots (kstiti, carriers of the ancient gene on the ground), from Neolithic times preserved genetic disorder: in both men and particularly women – steatopyga, in a simple way – a monstrous fat on the buttocks. Why, in the normal addition of upper body, lower body looks quite unusual. This has a Hottentot gene and in other African nations, there came to the New World with the Negro slaves, and disappeared into the mulatto and the inhabitants of South America. Therefore, the criteria of beauty and harmony among the people of South America and the people of color in North America is not such as that of the white population. In everyday life, you can hear the term “Brazilian form” – it says it is about a big round ass.

In Polynesia and Hawaii normally have a weight of 100 kilograms. In some countries of the Caucasus are not popular “gazelles”, does what can make all Russian puhlyashki, who happened at least once to go there. Ideal traditional Mordovian woman – “wide hips and thick legs.” For Ukrainians be too thin – unconventionally. Among the Jews the fullness of a woman – something normal. Forgive me for political correctness!




It is only unfortunate “successful” Europeans must be dried chicken.

From the point of view of an anthropologist, I love this trend to spread to the bones on several factors.

First. In society, the ideal woman – a worker, leading an active lifestyle, unmarried and young-looking. Ideal acting for the exterior of mothers, there is absolutely inapplicable.

II. Impact of global conspiracy couturier “non-standard orientation.” To all the girls began to look at the boys. Joke. (That’s the horror, if it turns out the truth!) Another option – to slim easier to sew, and they have less fabric.

Third. TV visually adds up to five kilograms. That is, if you are targeting a lifetime of actors, presenters, you know – they are forced to sit on a diet, because the screen will look thicker than they are.

The third. Foremost. In a society inculcated ideal woman is not just the young and the young. Think – before marriage were given in 12 years, all teenagers! Teenagers often are thin. Subconsciously, men wishing to marry a slender, want to marry a young girl, as a hundred years ago.

Fourth. There is a theory about the stages of development of mankind – two mutually changing. The first – the most ancient – the stage of hunters and gatherers. There’s a mnogochadii not speak, women were mobile, participated in the hunt, they had to run a lot, climb trees. Woman hunter – a slender, long-legged, uzkobedraya. During the war, or some adversity can take care of herself and offspring. A few. Aggressive and warlike. Familiar, is not it?

The second model. When mankind began to live a settled life, having the first big settlement. Women have the opportunity to give birth and raise a lot of children, they had plenty of food, they did not run through the woods in search of her, not fought against predators. Wide hips, chunky, thrift, quiet nature, completeness – are signs of the women of this period. To this period belong sculptures “Venus Neolithic” numerous layers of bronzvovogo century. This image of a woman-mother, with a large chest, a big belly, wide hips, big buttocks.


These models of women’s appearance and behavior exist in our genes, in our subconscious. They are mutually zamenyayutdrug other, depending on the living conditions. Western society lives under constant stress. They need women Amazons. East – the second model.

However, in a society, there is an enormous number of men who like fat women. But many of them, if they are young or occupy a high position in society, are embarrassed of their desires. The most terrible thing – they do not marry girls full, not at all regard the opportunity to associate with the life of them. Shame.

So many girls “in the body” face is actually terrible consequences of this “new natural selection.” Many men are interested in them, but marry them wanting a little. They are not married, a huge complex on the exterior, unsuccessfully trying to lose weight, desperate to find a happy family life. It is actually scary, especially for Orthodox girls, whose version of “to give birth to himself,” is not suitable.

For those who are not in the subject. For the most part the cause of fullness in the modern society – it is a combination of three factors.

1. Unhealthy diet and ecology

2. Genetics and disease.

3. Sedentary lifestyle.

With the third clear – Sedentary work, the computer with a TV, too high prices for sports services, reducing the number of sports facilities in the cities.

Second. There is a large percentage of the population, which by nature is necessary to have a large bone and extra weight. My great-grandparents were a blacksmith, Burlacu, a loader, a miller, a farmer. Only one was a merchant. Classes, by definition, are not inclined to elegance. There valued women tall, healthy, big-boned, strong. To a lot of work and a lot of giving birth. Q – What should I have a body type ???

About the disease. Many in Russia now, thyroid irregularities. It is one hundred percent of the problem with obesity. This epidemic of fullness! I do not take into account the really serious problems with the hormonal system, the type of diabetes disease. Get the hormonal failure is possible, even just much nervous. As a result – five extra kilos. There are pills that trigger appetite (antidepressants). Another appetite provoke vitamins.

The biggest problem is lit fullness – is food. Especially scary what’s going on in the last decade. No, I do not mean the way a person eats, he eats too much, too often or too late. The fact is that now most of the products sold in the shops – is poison. Slow poison, poison your body. Raznooobraznyh consequences of obesity – one of them. Example – passion for beer people (all the beer is cheaper 60 rubles per half-liter – and the bane of cow urine). Uncontrolled passion for sweet drinks. Mandatory presence of mayonnaise on the table.

Remember, people, even thin it is necessary to exclude mayonnaise! Want a normal mayonnaise – do yourself. What we sell – it is carrageenan, water and chemicals. Bad oil and hydrofat. Believe biochemist on the word! Excessive addition of concentrates of foods, sodium glutamate, dyes, additives rather offensive. Some of them are excreted, otkladyvaya liver and subcutaneous fat. Some of them can cause blindness and chronic fatigue syndrome, and even cancer. For gastritis leads all of them. So – no preservatives!

It’s not made of meat sausage, hot dogs. Previously, they were made up of meat, now there – oil, chemicals, starch, soy, blood. Calorie sausage became much higher than it was. The most ridiculous example – in order to digest protein, the body needs more energy than when digestion is highlighted. So if there is protein and vegetables can lose weight, main thing – to limit the amount of carbohydrates and fats – the main suppliers of energy in the body. And we basically – carbohydrate diet, with vysokozhirovym combined.

More on the shelves lurk yogurt – that’s really a bomb under our figure! All common yoghurt firms contain harmful substances in the composition, leading to obesity. He was too fatty and sweet. Buy yogurt! This poison – sweet glazed curds, cottage cheese from the supermarket. They do not have long made from cow milk, and palm fat. It is much more harmful and “fatter”. Bomb for shapes – fruit juices. In almost all composed of – a huge amount of sugar.

Even the bread and potatoes that are the foundation of our Russian power, plus cheap pasta – it is clear why the skirt burst upon us! Well, it’s the lyrics, no harmful products are not terrible for a man programmed by nature lean body structure, at least for the figure.

All my life I admired his great-aunt. Aunt – successful business-woman, three times married, in his sixties is still adored by men. I never weighed less than 100 pounds. Usually – 150-130. She took all the character gleam in his eye, taking care of themselves. Without manicure, in bad clothes, no hair, no French perfume, no shoes on his heels, I could not imagine it. Lovely hostess and a very sensible woman.

She always told me, “Remember, Lena, thin cow – this is not a gazelle …”

The main thing to remember is to complete the girl – do not give up. At full girls have a number of advantages over skinny.

Donuts have a good character, they are cheerful.

Donuts – good hostess, usually well prepared.

In donuts are usually large breasts. (Men appreciated). And their skin is also a healthier and smoother, longer retains its freshness.

They almost never are infertile, they are usually wealthy pregnancy and childbirth, milk usually is.

The main thing – not to hide, no shade. Be open and communicative, feminine. Take care of the exterior. Dress well. Dance, walk, enjoy life, to actively participate in all youth activities.

I remember the description of one crumpets made a loving man “… an amazing figure – as if the three circles on each other, all swinging at a staggering high heels. Heaving a long skirt, round eyes under arched eyebrows, plump mouth. Dimples on the hands and elbows, like mladenchika. Once – and he ran off somewhere, like a cloud, Windswept … ”

Examples of donuts, successful and loved.

Italy finished the contest “Miss Fatty-2010” and won the 33-year-old native of Naples Angela Skonyamilo, weighing 170 kg! Angela is going to marry the favorite – the owner of the restaurant, the soul in it worships.


In Thailand, it hosts the annual competition “Mrs. Elephant.” (Elephant there – a sacred animal). It involves only married. Winners usually weigh 120 kg, for all that it is impossible to take your eyes, a striking beauty.

Beauty contest “Fat and Beautiful” held in Israel In the city of Beersheba was the next competition among pyshnotelye beauties. The competition was attended by the girls in the weight category 80 to 110 kilograms, and its winner was 23-year-old Tanya Wyman, weighing 85 kg. These beauty contests among obese women have been held for 15 years in Israel. This year, 40 women from across the country took part in it.


Moran Barannes – almost like a world champion in heavyweight boxing, but among beauty queens.  I love Ruslana Pysanka. A successful actress, presenter, beloved wife. Especially after I began to respect Ruslan project “Dancing with the Stars,” where she and star ballroom dancing performed cha-cha-cha, samba, rumba, waltz, tango, foxtrot, paso doble, jive, dancing kvikstep.Ona so that it was impossible to eye tear! Ruse gave the Audience Award and was invited to the Vienna Ball. Our beauty danced at the Vienna Royal Palace and enjoyed great popularity there. We are very proud of it.9



My adorable pop star – Cornelia Mango and Victoria Pierre-Marie. Beautiful African rusachki, great voice, a great 12

Victoria Pierre-Marie – for me one of the best jazz and blues voices of the world.13

finally, there were decent sized women among the ideals of our youth.

For example, Catherine Skulkina – resident “Comedy Club – woman» …


I’m not going to look back on the usual practice for opera singers – fullness is often accompanied by high-pitched voice. Lose weight can not accept, they can lose their voice.

I also really like the complete dancer. Although they can be found mainly in the national or genre, or ethnic. Such as belly dancing and flamenco. There exists no professional restrictions for weight dancer in ballet or ballroom dancing.

In general, of course, these women on stage and in movies are lacking.

Cunning manufacturers of underwear, stockings, clothing, as well as owners of small shops had long been guided by fashion standards. Everyone knows that the majority of women in Russia has dimensions “for pyatdesyat”. They need somewhere to get dressed. Moreover, a woman who knows that will not buy good clothes in stores, with the beautiful clothes of their size is ready to pay. So for decades work shops with clothes for donuts in Russia, the price of dresses which exceeds the cost of a conventional clothes, sometimes several times. There has long been global brands of clothing manufacturers and lingerie for full, which advertise products ladies large proportions. But anyway – for fashion is full on the sidelines of the global industry.

Just feel themselves buns. On the sidelines of life. They do not buy clothes at the nearest little shops or on the market. They do not buy high boots. Half purchased pantyhose is small, as well as part of the laundry. For good models clothes have to literally hunt. Or start yourself a seamstress. The choice of outerwear is also very limited. Buy evening dress – a real adventure. Not once, going for a certain product, and once again hearing “your size is not,” I went with the money from the market. In most of the stores I never shall come, knowing that there is not nothing to me, except for hats and shoes. I hate shopping! For me, he is transformed into a series of continuous moral fatigue. (It has long been dressed in “their sellers” in “their stores”).

A little bit of fashion. The struggle for the normal figure on the fashion catwalks is conducted for a long time and not in vain. This year, in Paris, the leading model of the world held a series of lectures about the dangers of excessive dieting, the risks of this model girls fall ill with anorexia, bulimia and nervous breakdowns.

It seems that a breakthrough in this area has already appeared! In America, there has long Institute sized models plus. But finally broke “donuts” on the pages of fashion magazines. This is – a model Tara Lynn, the most complete supermodel world.




And Russian model Katia Zharkova (52 size).

20 years ago, «plus size» models weigh only 8% less than women with excess weight. And now weighs 23% less, – reported in the journal. – Ten years ago, the model-donuts were from 48 th to 54 th the size of clothes. Now modeling agencies models are gaining 42-48-th size. Half of women wearing size size 46 and above. But usually standard clothing is sewn up to 50-gauge.

Those representatives of the fashion world who lack common sense, have long sounded the alarm: we have gone back to normal standards of beauty imposed on us and the controversial slogan. “If you’re skinny – it means you are healthy and beautiful” However, what are seeing now in the catwalks of the world, it is clearly not associated with health. And certainly do not look beautiful. According to the magazine PLUS Model Magazine, a modern business model imposes consumers ideal patients, anorexic models, while simple potrebitelnits crave to see in ads and on the podium of normal, real women. And in the store – a large selection of things normal parameters, but not a favorite Victoria Beckham and other Hollywood skinny size zero clothes.

We are constantly bombarded with weight-loss advertising because the industry is working on a multimillion fear of being overweight. But no one has to be lean, our bodies are beautiful without it. Even if they say that thin people are healthier, in fact, it may be wrong, – said in the editorial of the magazine column.

Catherine with its normal, full-blooded figure clearly proved that a woman with size of 50 and above does not look less attractive (or even more!) Than skinny and pale creatures so beloved the world’s leading fashion designers.

In America, this cradle of consumptive beauties, fashion for thinness, there is quite a double standard on the exterior. Pretty Negro, such as Beyonce Knowles, openly say in response to the reproach of the completeness “to Negro audiences standards of beauty quite different, here thinness popular will never be.”



Recall the story of Alina Kabaeva, who left a career and immediately turned into a bun of gymnasts beauty. This transformation of our society it is not easy. How many athletes, ending a grueling workout, immediately gaining some incredible kilos! It is, alas, the bane of all professional athletes and dancers. The organism used to spend an incredible amount of energy. Everything that enters. But do not spend. And then it clears the years of bullying.

And – most importantly, you should remember plump girls, although to lose weight. If you start to lose weight, you just sagging breasts, buttocks, abdomen, face. On the face become more pronounced nasolabial folds. If you lose weight a lot – you can say goodbye to the breast. From now on, it can be corrected only operation. And the worst thing – the inevitable omission of internal organs. Omission of the uterus – and you will pass urine, will not be able to give birth. The omission of the kidneys – and you put on the operating table. I had three friends who have earned the “charm”, “as a result of striving for harmony. And the fat is in the abdominal cavity. When he goes odtuda dramatic weight loss, and the bodies are displaced. To lose weight safely, it is necessary to get rid of not more than 12 kg per year, a kilogram a month, and did not lose weight on too large quantities.

What can I say about myself? When I weighed 65 kilograms, at school, I was terribly from complexes, considered itself fully. Ashamed of his body. I listened friends. Later, working with the weight of 90 kilograms, I finally began to realize that beautiful and very like me men. While still worried about their weight. However, I do not hurt either to engage in tourism or – professional – dancing. I now weigh 120 kilograms, and I understand that a beautiful and attractive to men will always be. Just – not for everyone. And as a good person, which attracted people – one hundred percent. Girls, do not complex! Do not wait lose weight. Learn to love yourself, your body the way God created it. Suppose you have a light burning in the eyes. Then you will notice the men.


Renowned fashion designer Vladimir Vasilyev, leader of the program “Fashionable sentence”, tells about clothes for donuts.

Recently in Sydney held a fashion show to complete, involving the usual resident of this city.



Inspired by this article here – ” thick time “.

Supplement:  swimwear for donutsunderwear for puhlyashek , and – carefully, demotivators ! Quite improves my mood, but I will not post here, because they do not pass censorship 🙂

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