During the reading, we often note to themselves important ideas, but then, no matter how much they may have sunk down into our souls, and do not forget to bring them to life. This can be avoided by re-reading the book.


Most people think that once you hear or read about some idea, they soon will learn it and change. The problem is that our subconscious mind does not work. During his attention at the same time fighting a lot of different factors. Only when you have time and again faced with certain information, she manages to get through all the noise. Then your subconscious mind begins to realize that it is really important.

This principle applies to books, courses, seminars and almost everything with which we are acquainted, and that we master in an effort to change our behavior.

We all have books that we have read more than once. Some rustle of pages we regularly, using them as a source of inspiration . And there are special pieces that would do well to re-read once a year.

So why it is useful to re-read the book?

1. So you remember the information is more likely to

Everyone knows that the best way to remember what you just read – write down from memory a brief retelling of reading. Another good way of remembering is to re-read this book or material. The goal, of course, is not to mindlessly reread something over and over again.

You can use the method developer media strategy, marketing expert and author Ryan Holliday.

Reading the book, Ryan makes a bookmark on the field that he particularly liked, and then writes a thought with embedded pages on separate cards. These cards are kept organized, each it relates to a particular topic (categories), so that at any time can see the most important moments for him to read from any book.

You can also use the method , which is described by the author of books on business and communication Cal Newport.

Cal offers as reading a book to record the main and most interesting ideas in front of them to put down the page on which you can find quotes that illustrate these ideas. So you can always find a quote on a specific topic and to recall the content of the book, do not re-reading it completely.

2. You pay attention to something important that missed the first time around

Reading the book, you will be very surprised, why not bent corner on some of the pages in the first reading. And these pages can be done. Perhaps you missed the exact phrase or a paragraph that was you need most.

3. You are more likely to embark on any action

If you and hear some thought, and read about it, you are more likely to implement it in life.

Zig Ziglar, author, expert in the field of network marketing

Do you like audiobooks? Good post certainly brighten up a long trip in the car. Sometimes you want to know what happens next, what you spend in the car, even the extra few minutes while waiting for the denouement.


You can listen to the audio version of the book first, and then if its contents appeared to you useful to re-read it. This is especially true nonfiction , which is heavier than perceived by ear. After one listen to a book you are unlikely to be clear about something. Turn it over and over again.

The more often you hear the same idea, the more it penetrates into your consciousness. Repeats just screwed it in your brain. As a result, the likelihood that you will follow it and take any real action grows with each new listening and re-reading the book. Repetition – the mother of learning. And the sister of action.

4. The effect of the assimilation of information will last much longer

If you’ve ever attended conferences, seminars or other events quite motivating, you know the feeling emotional lift that comes after them. On the last day of the conference you feel that now radically change your life, write a book, the idea of a long-spinning in your head, or begin to conduct a new kryshesnosnuyu campaign.


A day or two after returning to the usual working channel all your fuse hopelessly wasted, you descend from heaven to earth. One of the reasons for that – your surroundings and the environment in which you are. At all events organized in such a way as to best motivate you. After this effect is inevitably lost.

From all this it follows that we can change something that surrounds us , and thus to achieve optimum performance and enhance their creativity. Surround yourself with useful books, reread what motivates you. The impact of such motivation lasts much longer than the effect of the measures.

As Zig Ziglar says, some people admit that when they are doing really bad, they include motivating his record. This helps them a little cheer and inspiration for further work. In response, he asks them why they hell are waiting for their cases will not be all bad? As if to fill the tank, first it necessarily need to be completely emptied.

Do not wait until you turn into a squeezed lemon. Let the repetition of useful information will become your good habit.

How better to re-read the book

  • You can just pick the right book and re-read a certain paragraph. Get yourself a special shelf for books, which you can constantly refer in this way. Let them give you a daily dose of inspiration required.
  • Read the entire book for the second time. This works well when you first read it a long time ago. You can catch myself on the fact that its contents perceive quite differently.
  • Put the book on repeat and pereslushivayte it until you do not begin to feel sick from it. It sounds like torture, but when you feel the result of repeated plays, they no longer will you have so scary.

Do not underestimate the importance of re-reading books. Each new reading bears in itself something new and useful. It is difficult to predict exactly what will help you re-reading, but why not give the book a good second chance to surprise you and may even change a life.