I know this does not matter to anyone, but to tell this is a therapy to feel good, to read this when it may relieve me ...

3 weeks ago I was a normal boy, I went out alone, I just had fun, I believed only in myself, but that changed, everything started two weeks, I could not eat because I felt something in my neck that annoyed me, as if I had something stuck .

But I could still eat something, soda, some eggs or something, but everything changed about 5 days ago, I already felt a sore throat and could not eat, when we went to rest in high school I went and bought me a breakfast, practically not Eat it, my companions scolded me, for wasting my food, but I felt that I was drowning eating and I was’ stuck ” everything.

I got some blood tests. This hurts a lot, I do not want it to anyone.
They told me it was ” thyroid ” and that I had the wrong sugars, but besides that … kidney problem.
These tests take me out tomorrow, and I’m very scared, because of the result depends on whether I go in or not, I’m afraid to die A LOT of fear, there in the hospital I can get worse, since I have no private health, if not that touches me In a public hospital.

I do not know what to do lynx. I have lost a lot of weight, I feel drowned, I feel pressure in my chest, I am so attached to life.

Something good has left this, is that good people have appeared, who give me strength, help me, love me. When before that, no one turned to look at me, I have also learned to forgive and to be a better person, I do not know what to do, I spend myself crying, with fear.

My mom is working hard to take me to the exams, since it does not reach us, this is very hard, to see my family destroyed and me too.

I only ask God to heal me, and more in this time that I love, I have always been in love with Decembers, and this year I have not been able to do it.