The news of the terrorist attack in Pakistan has stirred up in me old memories of the terrorist attacks in Tel Aviv. Namely, the memory of the explosion on the disco for teenagers “Dolfi” ( “Dolphinarium”) and my favorite Mike’s Place pub.

I’ll be honest, I’m the one a Pharisee, for which their expensive foreign, and in my head there is a hierarchy – who is close to me, and who is not. These hurt Israel, these not voted in the UN, it is necessary to do so! From these thoughts embarrassed me, but they – are. I try not to them aloud to express. I consider it a personal weakness.

But yesterday the first time I cried at the news of the terrorist attack …

When I read about the explosion in Pakistan, I like I went back in the summer of 2001 on the beach in Tel Aviv, where pools of blood floated children 13-16 years. And there, too, hung in the air this message – get out of here or we’ll kill your children.

Actually, when it begins – not in the crowd, and selectively right where it hurt, dear, gentle, – this does not protect those who have children. I do not know whether it was addressed to the Christians of the message or simply to all the inhabitants of the Punjab. But I probably would, after such took their children and left, far away. As quickly as she could.

I already know how to read the messages in pools of blood.

Once I accidentally witnessed “Dolfi”, and then there was a terrorist attack in my favorite pub Mike’s Place, where he died my friend Ran Baron, I started to sleep badly at night a couple of years. I was 20, I was young, nothing is connected, free as the wind, and his life valued as much as it was full of oranges and no noncommittal acquaintances.

And then I fell in love with my husband and our daughter was born. And then the nightmares have returned. At that time we lived in Scotland and I was terrified even to go to Israel. Memories of the “Dolfi” forced out of my mind for many years, came back … But now in my nightmares out there, on the beach, killed my most favorite and dear people. Gradually, I coped with his fear and now I can again live in Israel, and even feel more secure here than anywhere else.

When I read about the explosion in Lahore, I really felt that I – Lahore, as soon as all wrote about the “I – Paris”. I well imagine the feelings of those mothers of Punjab, which has witnessed terrorist attacks and those who learned about it from the media. I own this. They are now waking up from nightmares, they are not meant to laugh carelessly, looking at how their children are swinging on a swing in the park. Like me, they are three times to assess the risks to the family on the festivities in the city center.

Fear for their lives easily overcome! And I, and my friends, when they were alone and independent, came to the place of the attacks to show that we are not afraid. Drinking beer in pubs charred by explosions remembered the victims, feel free to go to the Old City in Jerusalem … But with children it’s different. You do not bringest your child to play in the park, where before the explosion killed and injured his friends and peers. And you may gather in celebration of children at home, behind high walls and not vynesesh tables on the street or to the garden, to share the joy with the whole area. Terror against children – it is the most terrible and humiliating! From this fear of not being treated dedication and courage, he simply nothing to oppose.

We can only, perhaps, to share this fear with the others, and then his grip is not so cold.

I know I feel the mother back in the Punjab.

So that none of us know their grief!

I – Lahore.

The material used photos from public sources.