If your house was got a little Harry Potter fan, this fight is useless. One can only try with him to get the most out of this hobby that killed millions of people have been around the world. However, with the help of Harry Potter, you can learn English, get acquainted with the culture of England, solve puzzles, to arrange holidays and fun with the whole family to discover new and different. 

If your child has become Pottermania, it greatly simplifies your life, because now you do not have to wrestle than to please him: he will be glad to any gift relevant topics. On the Internet easy to find shops that sell all sorts associated with Harry Potter Products: wands of all the heroes, the mantle, the Snitch on a chain, scarves and socks with the symbols of all faculties, ties, pendants, cups, rings – any of these gifts will make your potteromana a little happier.

In our case, expensive and were a welcome gift of chocolates Bertie Botts shop in Diagon Alley, the ones with unexpected flavors – from the innocent apple and marshmallow to unexpected sausages and soap and far less appetizing dirt and other well-known Pottermania tastes. In bookstores meticulous parent can find a non-canonical book of JK Rowling’s Harry Potter world, for example, “The Tales of Beedle the Bard”, “Kvidish Through the Ages”, “Fantastic Beasts and Where they live”, as well as coloring.

Another way to please a child who has become a fan of Harry Potter – a book on his birthday cake with the appropriate attributes: the Sorting Hat, a magic wand, books, snitch, and so on. By the way, the birthday can be made by garripoterovskomu scenario – it will require from you a lot of energy and non-trivial approach to the search attributes and costumes, but you kill so two birds with one stone will please the child and spend the holiday together, do with it what he obviously needed and interesting. And this is now sorely lacking for children, who are more likely to mention his birthday with the animators.

Even more happiness for those who have already read the book itself – the quest for Harry Potter. Now they are both in Moscow and in St. Petersburg and Khimki. It’s not cheap, but very high quality and worthy entertainment with well-made attributes, and most importantly – with the need to think carefully head. This quest must participate adults, knowing by heart the books about our hero necessarily, because the puzzles can be solved using logic, but, of course, is highly desirable. Such a quest – a wonderful adventure for anyone interested in this topic.


But, of course, the ultimate dream of any potteromana – is to go to England. English souvenir industry, of course, take into account this relatively new travel request, so almost every souvenir shop you will find t-shirts, mugs, candy Bertie Botts (of course, cheaper than in Russia), same pendants, magic wands, souvenir figurines and other an extensive set of native heart your baby’s things. In London, the lead “Harry Potter” tour, including in Russian. But if you put your plan to visit a maximum of places filming “Harry Potter”, you have to spend on it at least a week and go round almost half of England.

Judge for yourself: Kings Cross Station in London (and it now has the famous Platform 9 ¾ with leaves in the wall of the baggage cart, where he had stood an hour in the queue, you can make an art picture with flowing scarves of different faculties) . Forbidden Forest is 30 kilometers from London in Buckinghamshire Black Park, adjacent to Hogwarts village of Hogsmeade found in North Yorkshire, Privet Drive is located in Berkshire, Hagrid’s hut was in a Scottish valley of Glencoe during filming in Scotland, also found himself Hogwarts – Eniko Castle . However, Hogwarts scattered throughout England library, the Great Hall of Hogwarts and a hospital are located in Oxford, the corridors of Hogwarts – in Gloucester Cathedral, Professor McGonagall’s office – at Durham Cathedral near the border with Scotland, and so on.

This trip will certainly be interesting not only Pottermania, but also to anyone who wishes to see England, because you have to drive around half of the country, but it is difficult, expensive and time consuming. It is much easier to visit Mecca potteromana – studio Warner Brothers, starring all the Harry Potter movies, and see with your own eyes in the vicinity of London.

And then I give the floor to present the ten-year Pottermania, which, of course, has much more right to talk about this place.

revived the magic

Yesterday we went to the studio of the Warner Brothersof The Making of a Potter of Harry. It was incredibly fun! “

To get to the studio, one desire is not enough. It is necessary to buy tickets in advance online at the studio www.wbstudiotour.co.uk – otherwise you just will not get there, at the entrance tickets are not sold. It is advisable to purchase in advance puzzled, because the museum is popular, and the number of “slots” – the time periods for which you can sign up, not so much. We bought tickets for 16 hours on a weekday and were happy for 18 hours we were in the museum almost exclusively. The fact that there is far more crowded, we can only judge by the inscriptions on the individual rides “turn away.”

In advance and should understand how to get to the studio. The trip from central London to the studio will take 1.5 to 2 hours – depending on the route chosen by you. Several options: You can pay for tickets with the shuttle bus from the center, you can get yourself – for example, to go from Euston Station to Watford Junction, and then – from the station to the shuttle, which runs to the studio every fifteen minutes. If you choose this method, the important thing to remember when calculating the time, from Euston to the desired type of two train stations are: fast and slow, and the time difference – almost half an hour.

“We first came to the wardrobe, took digital audio guides and passports, which had put the press during a trip to the museum.”

Audio guides We also, incidentally, paid in advance. On the threshold affects the magnitude of the place and care in the details. Passports – not any there, and almost real, heavy paper, beautifully printed. The guides – in multiple languages, including Russian, to monitor where in the course of the tour, you can watch videos and photos. Security checks at the entrance – almost like at the airport, you have to be ready, and it is better to arrive a little before the appointed time.

“Then we were conducted to the cinema, we sat in the front row, and we were shown a short video on how to create a film in which actors Daniel Radcliffe, Rupert Grint and Emma Watson described how the shooting took place. Suddenly the screen went up, and we saw a door that had just “gone” actors. “

Hall gasps in surprise when a setting for movies suddenly comes to life, and this is a massive door of the door in a fairy tale … Starting the journey through the halls of the museum is important to remember that he was giant, and to qualitatively explore everything and see all the rollers in the guide, you need a whole day. The museum is very different from the amusement parks that it all really involved in the filming of Harry Potter, so it is incredibly detailed objects, rooms, scenery, costumes (some jars of herbs and other ingredients for the manufacture of magic potions in the office of Professor Snape – ten thousand, and each of them signed by hand!), and they should be considered read and listen to stories about them. This is very interesting, but also quite tiring, especially for children. Expect your strength.

“At first we were in the Great Hall with suits teachers and students where, as you know, the guys ate and exams, and thenin the room in which it was told about the history of film. Next we were exposed interiors of rooms at Hogwarts, where some scenes were filmed movies: the bedroom the boys in Gryffindor, Gryffindor common room, where students do their homework and rest. We were told about the magic wandas they have done, what materials “.








Each new scene exposure amazing scale and reasonableness. For example, the sticks were stored in specially made for them pillars and the actors were given only for the duration of filming. Sticks main characters were made of different materials for different purposes, more detailed – for close-ups, with different technical tricks – for scenes when needed, for example, stick to emit light.

“We saw things from the shooting, such as nimble stylus, Goblet of Fire, Flywheel Time. Two of his costume on display in Dumbledore’s office and the Pensieve. “


Taking a walk through the museum, unwittingly imbued with great respect to the commands prop and engineers who found restored, and were aged artificially revived numerous objects involved in the film. Do not sit without work and computer scientists – at the booths dedicated to the secrets of the virtual reality, explains in detail how the filmed tournaments kvidichu, portraits come to life, flying machine, and other scenes, we assume a large part of computer graphics in photography.

Museum – a huge film set, and after a few steps, you find yourself in the residence Death Eaters, then a huge, totally present railway platform, where there is under steam train to Hogwarts, in Diagon Alley, the Yew Alley. By the way, the platform has its own shop with the symbols is the Hogwarts Express and Platform 9 ¾.


“Then we went to a cafe, where to taste the real butterbeer. However, in the book it was warm, sweet and warm, and the beer was like in a museum, rather, caramel, mixed with soda, and it was pretty cool. “

brewing recipe is kept secret, it is tasty and it is now, plus it is possible to buy tea and sandwiches that come in handy at the end of the second hour walk through the museum.

From the hall, which displays masks, dolls, completely copying some of the actors, being by the imagination of JK Rowling and the filmmakers, it is necessary to divert yourself by the scruff. Movie seeks to maximize the reliability of the frame, so the doll is completely live and where better than the standard wax figures in a museum of famous characters.


We know why this giant Hagrid, have been created Dobby and Kreacher and how developed the hippogriff Buckbeak. In one of the halls of sat “true” hippogriff: he shook his head, growled, and was generally as a living! “.

The walls of these rooms are decorated with patterns, sketches, drawings and sketches of artists who invented all of these amazing creatures.

“Then we went to almost the most interesting partin Diagon Alley, with its shops. True, they are closed and you can not touch anything. “

The regret in his voice of the author is not accidental: the shops are genuine and lovely, that madly want to go inside and visit their magical and historic interiors. To believe that for window displays nothing is impossible, everything is so lively and inviting.


Children may be less interested in rooms where the walls and booths presented a thorough architectural plans and calculations of premises in the “Harry Potter” – including, of course, Hogwarts, and adults get stuck in them for a long time. You can simply take the blueprints and build them a school of magic. Dream job: design a magic castle, which will never be built. But the children rush on, and there they were waiting for the last surprise.


And then we saw a magnificent sighttwo-meter scale model of Hogwarts. He was lit up and was all like this. At Christmas it strewn with salt, so that it looked like snow, and inside, put a tiny turkey and nine trees in the Great Hall. “15


It’s true – Hogwarts is in the great hall of the museum, the exhibition is the final chord, and he will certainly be “seeking” those who have not yet penetrated to the depths of the soul the place. In hundreds of its windows from time to time the lights light up the evening. In the absence of the scale of the castle played the role of Hogwarts – experts in computer effects combined with a landscape layout shooting, and here he stands, majestic and beautiful, the hills and valleys.



Potions class

The exhibition, of course, mostly not interactive – visitor participation that he can watch videos and other extras on your guide. But something he can do for himself, for example, remote-wash the dishes, driving with the brush in the distance, just not touching the spokes, tie socks pat on the distance underwear and cut carrots (the development team of engineers who participated in making the film), fly on a broomstick, and put in the right place commemorative print in my passport.



And, of course, it can greatly facilitate your wallet in a huge store, which is traditionally located at the end of the exposure. This is probably the biggest shop dedicated potteriane, and here you can find a gift for every taste. In our case, it was an incredibly realistic plush drakonenok, hatch from eggs, and, of course, the Elder Wand, the most powerful wand in potteriane.

“I really liked it, because all of the exhibits used during the shooting, but also because there was a terribly exciting! But the information out there, of course, given a lotin the evening we were very tired. “

I confirm. The shuttle, which sped to the stations is not worse than the famous three-storey Night Knight, we’re almost asleep, and in the subway, some of us fell asleep in the present and must have seen in a dream Hogwarts, Harry Potter and all-all-all.

All Felix Felitsius!


Dmitrieva Ksenia Knorre

Dasha Dmitrieva