Layfhaker against drunkenness, we are for cultural use. All that is on our list can be used in cocktails, but today only about a clean and sturdy.


Universal rules

The first rule of fire water: liters liquor do not drink (too light not necessary). This long drink can ease all night to pull through a straw, and with a stack so will not work. Two or three glasses – and you have chosen dose.

The second rule – not to mix drinks. The strong alcohol a lot, add extra program via the lungs – it is dangerous. You can not calculate the dose and go too far.

To sort out and not to spoil everything necessary rituals. The atmosphere, the choice of glass, special supplements and regular snack. This all helps to reveal (or hide) the beverage flavor and makes the meal a feast, not booze.



Absinthe is undiluted – a dubious pleasure, though a drink. To 30 ml in a glass, not more. But it is usually diluted with one of three ways:

  • Pour into a glass of absinthe (all the same 30 milliliters). Lay on a special spoon with holes in a piece of sugar. Spoon can replace the small dessert fork. On the sugar grist that it flowed into the glass, in the proportion of three to one. Dilute absinthe sugar water slowly to a lump of sugar is completely melted.
  • The same sugar is first soaked in absinthe and set fire on a spoon. While sweet lit it slightly corrected with a spoon or fork to quickly melt the sugar in a glass and stёk to absinthe. Then the absinthe (which also turns on sugar drops) should be put out – cover glass lid – and either drink the resulting beverage (only not to burn the lips of the hot glass, cool the edges of a slice of orange or lemon) or add 100 milliliters of cold water.
  • Make a simple sugar syrup and diluted absinthe them in the same proportions – one to three.



If you do not add the Calvados in cocktails, it does not need to drink to dilute. Calvados poured room temperature in a glass-tulip and slowly drink, eating cheese, fruits (not citrus) or chocolate .

You can drink at any time of the feast, when you need to ignite your appetite or change of rest between meals.



Quite simply – juniper vodka. In the fortress of vodka is not very different, known by pine aromas. Drink like vodka, you need cool – 4-6 degrees. Snack – than is necessary, it is best to citrus and salty.

If pure gin – it’s too much, dilute its mineral water. Jin is good because it can be any proportion – dilute as you see fit, even a drop of water on the glass. A good option if you want to spend the New Year fresh and sober, but do not want to explain why not drink.



Tequila is known for a special ritual with lemon and salt. On the back of his hand between the thumb and forefinger poured salt, cook a slice of lemon. First lick salt, drink tequila and then a snack her lemon.

In another embodiment, a salt substitute for cinnamon and lemon – orange.



Another representative of a strong Mexico. Several rules drinking pure:

  • Not cool.
  • Drink slowly and gradually.
  • Caterpillar of the bottle (if there is) is not necessary.

Mezcal, like tequila, you can drink with lemon and salt. Sometimes, instead of salt, a mixture of spices, which is attached to the bottle.

If the taste is not important, and breathtaking sensations, mezcal drink quickly and washed down with tomato juice with a pepper and other spices. But this method is not a hell of a long night for he quickly drunk.



Probably one of the most controversial drinks. Connoisseurs can not agree, how to drink: diluted or not, cool or warm, a variety of cocktails can be sent to, and which need to sip without impurities.

Pick and choose what you like best:

  • Whiskey as it is. To do this, take the elite class, that is, single-malt whiskey. Drink at a temperature of 18-20 degrees of glasses with thin walls, to gently warm the drink in his hand, in small sips, holding the alcohol under the tongue.
  • Whiskey with ice. They drink from glasses with thick walls and thick bottom. So drink whiskey from America.
  • Whisky with water. Clean water is diluted with Scotch whiskey. Water quality pay special attention. Water is poured into a glass of up to 30%, depending on your tastes.

Snack whiskey not seem necessary, but nobody forbids to choose a snack to taste.



Let’s not go crazy and share cognac brandy or brandy, it is written on the label that it is cognac.

The rules are:

  • Good brandy is not a snack and drink warm slowly, warming his hands, inhaling the aroma. A glass is filled by a quarter, and begin to drink when he ate.
  • Bad cognac drink as you want, because no taste and flavor is not there. Lemon bites when absolutely everything is bad, but it’s the culture of drinking to do. Drink to get drunk – generally a bad idea.



The main rule of the Roma – do not drink like a pirate from the movie, a bottle for the evening. The maximum dose – 100-150 milliliters, or the next morning you will find a hell of a hangover and deep remorse.

Net rum drink as cognac or whiskey after dinner, warming the glass in his hand. Drinking is accompanied by a cup of coffee or a good chocolate.



Strong drink with bright anise odor that the bars served with fiery special effects and tubes for inhaling fumes. Such a method of quickly and very drunk. It is not recommended to arrange home games with fire if you are not an experienced bartender.

In pure form, sambuca drink chilled on the bottom of the glass put coffee beans. In diluted form – with mineral water in a ratio of two to one or three to one.



Cold drink vodka quickly, gulp, small glasses. Be sure to have a snack, washed down with something non-carbonated, so as not to irritate the stomach and accelerate intoxication. Appetizer choose quite hearty and glasses – small.

Chacha, arrack, brandy, grappa – is essentially variants of moonshine. Almost like drinking vodka: little by little, in the form of chilled, in small portions and hearty snack.

Not that it’s a strong drink as compared to others, but to deprive his attention, we could not.

The idea appears sake, if the table seafood or Japanese cuisine and you have a small ceramic pitcher and bowl. Then drink warm water bath to 15-30 degrees, pour and drink.

However, if there sake, no utensils and then it is cooled and poured into wine glasses.

In any case, the taste and smell of sake specific, unusual.