Let’s just say that the couple were facing hardship. Rumors about Bloom and Gomez have spread and of course, this is not a thing a girlfriend wants to hear about.

But Katy Perry is such a wise partner and we just cannot deny it. She does not let bad talks consume her thoughts, and the 31 years old pop star’s reaction was excellent.

Today, she broke her silence and tweeted, “Instead of giving energy & eyeballs to dumb conspiracy (emoji) check out how COOL this is:” and she gave a link to a TIME article.

But what is it about, anyway? What is she trying to show us?

The Roar singer linked her tweet to an article about Bloom. The Lord of the Ring star is a Goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF and he has been involved in UNICEF since 2007.

According to the official website of UNICEF, Bloom pays a deep attention to the rights of children and he visited several places such as Moscow and Sarajevo to learn more about it. He also met Syrian child refugees in Jordan. Awesome, right?


So, yeah, we can see that Perry wants us to look more on his good rather than bragging about something she called as a “dumb conspiracy”.

Hmm.. What a dream girl!