n bookstores appeared Sedestroma book Karl and Andre Spicer “syndrome of a healthy lifestyle.” The authors argue that the pursuit of the ideal formula of healthy lifestyle did not bring the promised benefits. “Madame Figaro” spoke about this with a specialist in the sociology of sport Patrick Mignon .

The authors suggest the syndrome as the tyranny of a healthy lifestyle. This phenomenon does exist?

Striving for a healthy lifestyle in itself is normal, this is a widespread phenomenon; Simply put, people choose to live well, not bad. But we must not forget that any risk of aspiration and quest to turn around addiction. This can be seen in the running or, say, a healthy diet. When seeking the services, besides, many ready to help him to experts, a healthy lifestyle hobby can turn into a disease.

When this phenomenon is the spread?

Subject healthy life appeared in the US in 60 years. Then she was interested, above all, the hippie, who did protest against the prevailing cultural practices. They developed the idea that society is in its usual form uses people, atomizes them and preached a return to nature, the spiritual basis of life. In the 80s this phenomenon interested the general public and media, talking about it, psychologists, physicians, it has become commercialized. Begun rationalization if hippies believed that self-improvement is necessary to radically change the way of life, but now it is more about that in the normal daily routine to find a way to feel good about themselves.

The obsession with a healthy lifestyle is somehow correlated with the increase in life expectancy?

In the past, people knew that the most likely to die, not old age that death is inevitable, and increasingly sought to prepare for death and not find a way to live better. In today’s society, you can live longer thanks to the development of medicine, and requests are also changing.

Is a healthy lifestyle syndrome is associated with a sense of instability and insecurity of the individual?

The situation of social, political and economic instability and anxiety generated by it can aggravate painful concern. A man needs to feel successful. For those who lived in a “glorious thirty years” *, well-being meant to work less than the previous generation, and the opportunity to have a house to go somewhere on vacation. Today, less work means to have a fixed-term employment contract, temporarily replace someone’s position or work part-time – that is perceptibly lose income. People are looking for other means to get satisfaction from life.

* “Glorious thirty years” – the post-war period, which lasted from 1945 to 1975, when the most developed countries experienced rapid economic growth and improved living standards. The term was first used by French demographer Jean Fourastié in his “glorious thirty years or invisible revolution from 1946-1975 years”.

Do we harm themselves do not cause, raising a healthy lifestyle in the category of the moral law?

That’s the problem. A healthy lifestyle can be viewed in two ways. On the one hand, it’s a way to just look good in every moment, in other words, to do something that brings pleasure. Another interpretation requires more austerity, absolute control over himself. The man begins to feel that he makes little effort and can not cope with the task to “live well”. And it is absolutely counterproductive, leading to permanent self-incrimination and, ultimately, patients.

What are the implications entails the second approach?

Control is the basis of social order, but excessive control company kills. The man who controls everything, unbearable. There are cases where the behavior of these people smacks of sectarianism. Those who do not share their views, are “blasphemers”, are tempted, they should be shunned, not to change your beliefs. Man loses contact with others and forgets about the real needs of his body and mind.

Sometimes, for our pleasure and health have useful, for example, something bold. A healthy lifestyle and well-being – is the balance between pleasure and self-restraint. Efforts to change my life normal and legitimate, but sometimes you have to be able to loosen his grip, admit in their lives a little spontaneity. We still do not live in a monastery.