Once upon a time I met happiness. Happiness was endless music. She filled me to the fingertips, and I flew, becoming light and joyful. The ability to fly stunned me. I enthusiastically flew from one day to another, and the long string of them dragged me like a mantle.

One of these days I met expectation. At first it frightened me with its inevitability, and then it was my breath. Fly does not get any harder, but the burden of expectations changed my course.
On the way I met with fear. He settled in, without asking for an invitation, and sharpened me like a worm.

Waiting ended exactly on time, giving euphoria. She first came into my life, and happiness became a huge mountain. I looked at her and crying euphoria. Small lumps it was, but I was swept up to the heavens.

But suddenly I fell from heaven to earth. It came to me The sorrow that overwhelmed the mighty happiness, and it shattered into a thousand tiny splashes. I never build it, I thought. And then the fear has become as big, what was happiness.

However, he did not raise me up. He conquered my breath, confused thoughts and thrown into a strange country. I crawled, without raising his head, not knowing where the sun rises. Its light was not for me.

After a time fear had fallen asleep, and then I ran away from him. I helped Despair. Despair, if you drink it to the dregs, gives strength. I ran to the house and close all windows and doors.

I thought no one would find me there. It moved me hope. With it, I began to see again, and the sunrises and sunsets, and the beauty of the rain, and snow white. However, hope is sometimes away from me, and then took her place Fatigue. She did heavy eyelids, sharp – voice, strange – things.

And one day the voice betrayed me. Fear was on the verge of trying to enter. Hope would not let him inside, closing the gap is all. But its strength weakened, and he made his way to my house and my heart.

But this was not enough. Fear had brought horror. Fear permeated everything around her, and the smell of Zavoloka sky dark veil, and little hope could not survive. I was left alone with his fatigue, his horror and his fears.

My house was now full of their guests come Pity and Resentment, visited Deception, long stayed envy, anger and irritation. I began to think that it has been and will always be …

And then a miracle happened. Suddenly, I was given a new hope. And she was acquainted with the work, which has given support. And the fear of wandering in my big house, without approaching too closely. His frightening my joy.

Joy revived me. I spread her wings, which gave me success, and put outfit sent Beauty. But once support has weakened. Creativity and stumbled, and fell into a success, and dusted Beauty …

Fear again sat on the throne. The morning began with horror, and diseases began to come one after another. And then I realized: Fear can not escape, you can not cheat, push back, to hide or hide. We need to look him in the eye.

… At a time when fear was defeated, I saw my whole life. She was lying in front of me wounded, exhausted, lost and lost faith. I was not easy to meet her. Too long have I offended and angry at her, not daring to feel her breath.

Happiness does not have to look far, though so easy to lose – it’s it’s your life.

And then I took her in my arms. And never let go no longer. Because in my heart became Love …

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