The chance that you “break” a lightning is 1 in 10,000. It seems a lot, does not it? But what it tells you is that this figure is more likely to get struck by lightning that you win the national lottery .

“And if not … what a lightning bolt!”

Rays, electric shocks between clouds, or between clouds and earth, are one of the most common and colorful phenomena of nature; also one of the most powerful and terrifying , when they occur too close to us, or literally fall on us. Downloads range from 30,000 to 300,000 amps and, interestingly, a high percentage of those who have been hit by lightning have survived the event , though not without consequences. The percentage of survival is 70%, and the chances that stay in the tragically remaining 30% have to do with your physical condition or the speed with which you receive medical care . Needless being struck by lightning directly to suffer the consequences, just because you’re in a perimeter of 120 meters from the point of impact and the damage you can suffer are as follows: 1. Break eardrums, burns skin and lesions in the retina is an explosion with a big flash of light, hence these early lesions.

2. Strong muscle contractions, pop damage to bone and muscle tissues Remember that experiment where electricity is applied to a decapitated frog? Well, nature in these cases does something similar with us, but in a dramatically larger scale . 3. Injury to the nervous system, respiratory arrest and cardiac arrest And here we’d be talking about deadly effects, which occur especially when a previous frame of delicate health in the unfortunate receiving the lightning strike. These damages should be added the post – traumatic stress caused by this kind not so unusual accident. Some facts and tips to consider if you live in Latin America the chances of an accident of this type are doubled compared to Europe. The same thing happens if you live in the southern hemisphere of the planet. Cuba and Panama are among the countries with the highest percentage of risk, although the highest number of cases occurs in Brazil, also because it is the most populous country. This may be due to the fact that there is more infrastructure in the countries of Europe and the Northern Hemisphere, as well as better dissemination of preventive information on how to act when there is a thunderstorm. Remember some simple steps to keep yourself safe: Avoid open and high areas during the storm, do not shelter under trees and away from metal structures or tools such as fishing rods, fences, bicycles, etc. If we follow these simple measures, the chances of lightning strike us will be infinitely smaller, and we may have more time to win the national lottery.