This text I would like to dedicate a very good mother, but it turned out that she wrote about herself and for all.

I read comments on news sites and once again wonder: to what our society is intolerant to their mothers! No, I’m not about benefits 50 rubles. We all closed our eyes to it, pretending to 50 rubles a month – it is quite a worthy satisfaction for both mother and child. Yes, nothing does not deny!

No, I’m on the other, namely the comments of this kind:

“She knew what was! Who forced her to give birth? ”

You’d be surprised, but the birth of a child can not prepare a hundred percent, because it seems not even the fact to release a satellite into space – it’s like to go to the open space without a spacesuit. No matter how many books, films and courses you may be mastered before the birth of the child, but only once alone with the baby, you know: all, no turning back.

“Our grandmothers gave birth in the field – and nothing else.”

Of course anything and everything we disentangle the effects of these generational trauma. It was commonplace to leave the baby alone in a crib or cot for a whole day, and most do household chores. Or give the six-month baby in the manger, and the most stand up to the machine. Without further reflections.

“I have three grown up, and it is one can not cope.”

The rules of arithmetic in the case of maternity do not work. Nothing. One – it is space.

“I looked to it to mothers and disabled people who can not have children, would immediately all the crap out of my head.”

Postpartum depression – an illness. Yes, it is diagnosed. No, it’s not nonsense, and it is not “erode” itself. Even the strongest woman can experience postpartum depression. And it is not a shame.

Following her mother’s usual smiling “perfect mom” from social networks – glossy beauty with perfect hair and manicure, surrounded by angelic children in immaculate interiors.

“You should be the same as we are.”

“Broody, sit with your child at home and not working.”

“Cuckoo, dropped the child and ran off to work.”

“Crazy, adult feeding her baby.”

“Selfish feeds the child with a mixture.”

“The killer puts vaccination.”

“The killer does not make vaccination.”

It is not necessary to discuss and condemn mothers, even if they stumble. Especially if they stumble.

Open the door to her mother with a child in the stairwell.
Help raise / lower the stroller on stairs.
Offer to cook dinner or pet diapers.
Sit down with your child to mother could walk alone.
Stay with the child to mother could sleep.
Embrace it.
Tell me that you love.
What is she clever.
What she will succeed.
Keep it as much as possible, until she walks into open space. Without a spacesuit.