The Beautiful Yak Meadow

The Yak Meadow is a lovely quiet grass field inside Jade Dragon Mountain. There are only few tourists, as there’s hardly any tourist agency tours organized to this spot in Lijiang. If you are from a mountainous place like Switzerland or Sweden maybe is not that gorgeous, otherwise, is really cool.

I started my journey from the city if Lijiang. I went to the Mao Zedong’s statue square in the north of the city just outside the old town to caught a transport. Just in front of the statue there are several minivans marked with the number 7. For 20 Yuan each person they drive you to the mountain in 30 minutes, although you need to wait a little until the minivan is full with 7 tourists. Let me say, trip to this part of China is very expensive. I saw all beautiful place in this region of China, popular of the are Jade Dragon Snow Mountain and The Blue Moon Valley. But this place was very quite, not very much tourist came here, but it is very beautiful though.
On the way to the mountain, the minivan will stop in the toll entrance where you have to buy the Lijiang City fee if you haven’t done it before (80 Yuan, also valid for other attractions in the area like the Black Dragon Pool) and the Jade Dragon Mountain fee (105 Yuan, half price for students).
Once you arrive to the Mountain entrance, walk 5 minutes to the Visitors Center, where you have to buy the bus ticket for the whole park (20 Yuan) and, in this case, the cable car to the Yak Meadow (60 Yuan return ticket).
The bus to the Yak Meadow and the cable car up the mountain take around 1 hour.
On the Yak meadow there’s almost no tourists, is really peaceful, with a cool Buddhist temple and a 1 hour stroll in a wooden path to check the beautiful views and the furry yaks!
To go to other spot in the Mountain, take the cable car back and wait some minutes until the bus departs, I think every 30 minutes.