Who doesn’t know Giselle Bundchen? She is world’s most highly-paid supermodel!

But not all people know that she used be a little girl bullied for her height (which was six feet tall) and she was told that her nose is too big to appear on a magazine cover.

In an interview with The New York Times, the Brazilian supermodel admitted, “I was used to being bullied because I was always tall and skinny and stuck out.”

As she was tall, people might think why she did not just do some sports and be an athlete.

“I got really red all the time from playing volleyball, red like a pepper. So I thought bullying was just the way life is.” She said.

Well, it doesn’t as easy as it seems.

Young Giselle Bundchen
Young Giselle Bundchen

At the age of 14, a talent agent discovered her and sent her to San Paulo to start her modeling career.

But, the story has not ended. She said that everyone told her, “Your eyes are too small, the nose is too big, you can never be on a magazine cover,”

Ouch! It must be so hurt. Giselle Bundchen even said that Mario Testing was not really sure about her face too. The celebrity snapper was worried about her nose.

Now, everything has changed and life seems to be fair. She is married to Tom Brady and has cute children. Forbes also estimated that supermodel earns $44 million a year.

Whoa!! Good job, Bundchen!