The idea to give up caffeine occurred to me, as usual, late at night. I drink a lot of caffeinated beverages, and wondered if I could give it, and how I would feel without the usual jitters at their fingertips. Although the TV series “Gilmore Girls” say that the coffee be fine and good, health experts say otherwise.

Of course, I’m not the only one who is always enough sleep because of the artificial energy drinks. According to Christopher Drake, Ph.D., Director of Research of sleep in the hospital Henry Ford, the majority of people suffer from a lack of full sleep. “One hour of lost sleep certainly does not ruin your life, but when we regularly enough sleep, lack of sleep becomes a chronic”, – he says. And the coffee – is not an option; Caffeine may weaken drowsiness, but still you will need sleep. “Caffeine, of course, reduces the feeling of acute lack of sleep and gives courage, but at the same time, a person produces a chronic lack of sleep. And very soon it becomes a serious problem. ”

Before we go any further, I want to say that, in reasonable doses of coffee is not harmful to health. From there it is really dependent, but, according to studies, a moderate amount of coffee helps to avoid certain health problems such as heart disease, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

Caffeine, like many others, should be consumed in moderation and with care, not as a substitute holiday. Dr. Drake compared the effects of lack of sleep with the state of alcoholic intoxication, noting that it is our sleepiness is often the cause of accidents and occupational injuries. If lack of sleep are also easier to gain weight, and more likely to develop diabetes – and that the two diseases to which I have a predisposition.

“We need to make sleep a priority in your life,” – says Dr. Drake.

So I decided to do so. I mentally prepared, he warned members of the family and explore all ways to avoid drowsiness. Refusal of caffeine will inevitably lead to the break-up, so I stocked analgesic capsules and assured himself that the doctor is right: sleep should be a priority. Throughout September, I wrote down, as the absence of caffeine affect me. The difficulty of the task made it even more interesting. Yet the real problem was and how I stay nice man at 2:00 of the day, if I do not hold a cup of hot coffee in their hands?

Part 1: Sleep

As mentioned earlier, the deplorable state of my sleep was the main incentive to spend September without caffeine. I hoped that if I do not drink caffeine, I can go to bed a little earlier, but my expectations were not fulfilled. In the end, I have suffered from insomnia since seven years. Refusal of caffeine would not solve the problem in one day.

I naively mistaken.

Most of September, I fell asleep quickly and slept without hind legs, like a puppy. I went to bed and did not even turning off the lights, sinking into sleep. I did not even wake up at night. Of course, there were nights when I was asleep does not matter, especially if the focus was on something, but most of the time I just rolled over on his side and the nozzle on.

The dilemma: falling asleep sooner and with eight beautiful hours of rest, you wake up and outrageously early. I woke up around 4:30 or 5:00 in the morning – but without caffeine at such an early rising a little joy. I worked much more actively, before felt hunger and so on. So, although I won the time, waking up before sunrise, but I’m tired much earlier.

Part 2: Health and Wellness

Already at 10:19 am on September 1st at me a headache. At first it was easy, aching pain, through which my body as it reminded me: please pour me coffee now. But by the end of the day my head was buzzing so much that I felt nauseous.

My bezkofeinovy September often arranged my meeting with nausea – no time I went to bed at 7 pm, it was so bad to me. I violated all built with friends, plans, tried to smear his head soothing balm mint and drank very much water.

About a fortnight headaches decreased significantly, but in these 15 days, I was more than ever close to the edge. The mood I was fighting but I kept squinting and bitten all lips. I corresponded with friends, chatting, and they joked that I need to give a DVD of the first season of “The Clinic” (a show that I really can not look without emotion).

But when my headache went quite fast everything was fine. A visit to the doctor showed that my blood pressure decreased (!). I also noticed a change in my anxiety disorder: I have still been anxious thoughts, but every time they appeared, I could reassure myself much faster than if it was sitting on caffeine.

So, 15 days, I was unhappy, and then it was over, and I felt good. I was still very excited, but I think it echoes my condition before the experiment.

Part 3: Productivity

The truth is that my performance off scale under the influence of caffeine.

My typical schedule is as follows: work in the office from 8:30 to 17:00, dinner, rest of the evening I write. Without caffeine, I not only felt tired, but completely devoid of inspiration. Instead of fine writing, I had to grind lines. In the year preceding the month without caffeine, I could count on my fingers the number of nights when I did not write. But in September, it was exactly the opposite: I almost did not write.

And as luck would have it, I had planned for September writer marathon. Yes, I did write for many hours in a row at the weekend, but also endlessly walked up and down the stairs, looking out the window and stuffing chips into her mouth. It certainly was not my usual level of concentration.

Part IV: Money

I began to wonder how caffeine affects on my finances. In August, my husband and I spent $ 35 on coffee Dunkin Donuts and Starbucks 5.18 dollars. We also spent about $ 126 on drinks that contain caffeine, restaurants and gas stations, and $ 16 for packages of Diet Coke in stores. Most of the coffee I drink at work for free (thanks, boss). But together for two we spent 245.16 dollars on caffeine, including 122.58 dollars – at me.

For reference. Here is a list of wonderful things with caffeine, which I did not buy these 30 days:

Tea, except teas that tasted awful, and drive in a dream;
Decaffeinated coffee (do not believe the title);
When you do not consume caffeine, you are left with not many options in order “than to wash down my sandwich.” I do not like a sprite: firstly, it’s just a solid sugar, and secondly, it is associated with childhood memories of how I was sick and had to stay at home. This September, I bought three packs Lacroix (3.99 dollars), two terribly nasty tea without caffeine (2.34 dollars) and less than two dollars spent on soda. One time I went to the Dunkin Donuts, which ate a bagel without cream cheese (about a dollar). So in total, in September, I saved about $ 107, without using caffeine.

Looking ahead

Talking on the phone with Dr. Drake, I have asked the guru of sleep is a very important question: “Do you drink coffee?”

He laughed and answered honestly: “Yes.”

I do not rule out caffeine completely from your life. October 1, 2016 I started my day with a cup of coffee. It’s so cool!

One of the strangest things I’ve realized without using caffeine – how deeply it has penetrated into our lives, it is far less pleasant chat over a glass of water. I’m not going back to my old life coffee lover, but I plan to drink coffee in the morning – and sometimes, if the working day has to this – I will drink a cup of coffee at 2pm.