THE GALAXY S8 would be the first to locate an bluetooth 5.0, 
                            these are the advantages

2016 is running out , and nothing better than the proximity of Christmas, a time of dreams, to speculate on future specifications of the first flagships of next year. To encourage us and help us with this difficult task are always “leaks” and ads that seem to have nothing to do.
Since the beginning of this December is now available version 5.0 of Bluetooth for manufacturers who want to implement in their devices. One member of BSIG (Bluetooth Special Interest Group), rumored to be the first to incorporate this new version of Bluetooth to your next high end.
As you may have guessed from the title, the member would be Samsung and its terminal chosen would be (drum roll) Galaxy S8, the terminal that is rumored that could skip the appointment of MWC 2017 to perform at an exclusive event a couple of months approximately later. This would fit with the period in which they begin to see handsets with Bluetooth 5.0.
What’s new Bluetooth 5.0?
The Bluetooth protocol, although it has evolved with each version, has always needed improvement, especially with the advancement in mobile today. In a time when things should happen immediately, it was expected that the Bluetooth transfer rate increase, particularly doubled.
An additional benefit that we are in the Bluetooth 5.0 is its scope, which becomes four times greater than in version 4.0, something very positive to pass information between devices without having to merge into a technological embrace. We continue multiplying, this time for eight, the bandwidth to send information to others. dispositives.

Finally, it is expected to improve the capacity of the ‘beacons’ or beacons, devices that connect to our smartphones when we entered its range with Bluetooth 5.0. In short, this new version of Bluetooth protocol seeks to make the Internet even more satisfying things to use for any lucky.