The Beautiful Gadani Beach

If you really want a clean beach in Pakistan, then go to The Gadani Beach. It is a little away from Karachi city; at about 1-2 hours drive. It is located in Balochistan Province. Way to Gadani passes from Hab Chawky. Water is clean & pure blue. White sand resides the beach, which shines like diamond when the sun reaches the top.

There are no hard stones/gravel/pebbles on the beach which may harm your feet. You can swim/relax in water for whole day. The evening is the most beautiful and suited time to visit the beach. From August to May is the best time to visit the beach. The area is hot in summer, but the night has a beautiful taste when the cool breeze blows from sea.

The people are very friendly and loving, Balochistan is famous for its baloch cuisine, the had Hundreds of traditional foods.

Gadani Beach is a beach on the Arabian Sea located near the Hub River and Cape Monze in Gadani, Lasbela District, Balochistan, Pakistan.


Though the balochistan is not so much developed, because of the bad governing of the leaders, but the beach itself provide all its own natural beauty. It is very clean and peaceful beach, many thousand tourist daily visits the beach. Now the beach is insight of world attention.


The Ship Breaking yards on the beach, the third largest ship breaking yard in the world. In 1980s the yard was on the top of the world, but today its on the third position. Over 30,000 employee are working here.

The Beautiful Beach is the most simplest and beautiful beach in the world. It looks resembles the beaches of Bahamas in beauty. I needs a little care than you will forget world’s expensive beaches. The beach has maintained its classical looks till now, this makes the beach more beautiful.