A long time ago … I think last Friday …

I read the memories of Nikola Tesla, one of the greatest scientists and inventors of the twentieth century. It struck me one fact. Tesla wrote that never bore down on paper, much less begin to create a model of his invention, is not completely thought through and not “seen” him mentally. Up to the fact that in his imagination he “saw” all the slots, the sleeve and the gear, forcing the unit to work, know where, how and what is not spinning and not spinning, mentally as it is eliminated … and only achieving the perfect work of an imaginary instrument, drew and it created a model that functioned flawlessly. Immediately.

I think there is something to ponder. Of course, we are not brilliant scientists, and not all are engaged in scientific or entirely mental activity. In life there are many other things and duties – and cook dinner and wash the dishes, and check out a new interesting article, which is the third day keeps open in tabs … But why do I say that we have something to think about?

I’ll tell you about how the idea was born of this article. Rocking once again a child in a wheelchair, I went up and down the street and thought I had promised to write something for the site, but so far not even the beginning – do not seem to have enough time, or there are urgent matters, or no inspiration or willpower. (Of course, pleading lack of inspiration, I deliberately forgot the brilliant words of Tchaikovsky: “We need to be patient and trust that inevitably will be an inspiration to anyone who has managed to win his aversion”). But then, cradling a child, I thought stupidly wasting time and it is necessary to use it to good use – at least to think about the article: how to begin, what to pursue and what to finish.

The thought process began cheerfully – I thought through the first sentence. Then … then I started thinking about some urgent matters, and suddenly realized that my brilliant idea to formulate the article in mind and then quickly lock it does not work, because I do not text ponder and wander into some conscious and subconscious Vistas .

How so? I mentally returned to the first sentence and agreed to simplify the task – to create not a text, but at least his detailed plan (as taught in the school). The second time I was able to do as much as two-step – to consider the logical connection between the point number one and number two paragraph article alleged. And I thought again zaplutali in distant forests and dense.

This process lasted – I already emerged sporting interest: if I like the great physicist, if not an invention of thought to build, then create an article worthy to print it, without suffering at least the order of presentation of facts and ideas?

The fight against himself and his thoughts went on and on. When placing your baby to sleep a second time, I was able to come up with three topics of articles, which have long been asking for paper, and some think the logic of their presentation. Each time the “scroll” in the mind right thoughts, ideas and facts became easier – how it is easier and easier to talk over the whole poem, which teach, or foreign words.

While I was discovering America mnemonic techniques and discipline of mental activity, I was reminded of my student, who could enumerate all the memory performance of our choir (about fifty) and the date of these statements. When I stuck to him with the question, how did he do it, the young man shared the secret: it turns out, every day, going to sleep, he tried to remember these same performances, the place where they were, and some vivid detail. The simplest, seemingly reception mnemonics, but how well it works!

What else can you do to remember not to forget to control your thoughts, your horses?

Undoubtedly, we should not forget the good old tool: pen and paper. You can rely on his brilliant memory, but not to bite elbows then, exclaiming “what was good rhymes / good idea / good header / logical strategy / interesting problem”, it is better to write on paper. “Score” in your phone or tablet is also possible, but the kinetic memory – a capricious lady, and by “poking” finger in the display, it might be offended and leave.

Each time, closing another interesting book, happy to stretch, close your eyes and try to mentally go through from the beginning to the end of the book, remember the plot, sequence of events, the actions of the characters, some lucky phrase. Then again, and again.

Often in a conversation we lose our basic idea and say, “Yes, but what I?”. Go back a step, two steps, three steps back. You can even aloud, “we talked about it, and then this, then this.” The interviewer will try to help, and more chances to build the associative array, and that led to the mentioned subject and to the lateral branches of it.

Shine in conversation quote sometimes pleasant and sometimes even out of place. Memory training is only rejoice if from time to time we will memorize verses.

These simple techniques will help our children. Remember the day – “where we were, where they went, who saw what color was the car”, to describe in detail (with the help of your questions) about a film or a play – and it is already easier to focus, to build a cause-and-effect relationship, and learn a poem.

And that same student, I met by chance a few days ago. We have not seen, joyfully embraced, remembered the past of joy. And he said: “But on this day in 2008, we went to Balaam,” … I stiffened, began to count, to count. And it turned out that this is so. What surprised a memory, if my wonderful student – compatriot Nikola Tesla?