My boyfriend and I fell in love for five years, 22 years old with him, he is one year older than me. Now, to the age to be married, my parents want us to get married.

However, 25 years old, her boyfriend had on the phone with his mother (I use her mother instead of it) to call, introduced me. My boyfriend called like to use the speaker, when I was washing clothes in the bathroom, I heard her mother asked me on the phone the situation, her boyfriend are telling her truth. Did not think she was over the phone, said: how this line, where the rural women worthy of you, not the quality of culture, born only love money, good son, you can not be her cheat slightly … …

Boyfriend quickly put the speaker to the phone, and then said something, I do not know. Originally, her boyfriend is going to take me back to see his parents, that he gave up. Every time a joke asked him when to take me back, he always said it was not the time, also confessed to me, his mother did not like me, against us together.

In order not to embarrass him, I did not say anything. And then waited for two years, I forced her boyfriend said, do not take me back, we broke up, who do not delay who.

He does not agree and I break up, in fact, my heart is reluctant, after all, have five years of feelings. He finally agreed to take me home to see his parents, I was looking forward to, and very nervous. Before I went, I spent eight thousand dollars, a full two months of wages, to the grandfather-in-law to buy a gift.

Father is an old Chinese medicine, usually in Zuozhen, not at home. So the first time I went, during the day did not see his father. Mother-in-law for me to mention things, did not look at.

After dinner, the family sitting in the living room did not talk, ready to get up and go back. However, her boyfriend kept me, let me live down. Mother-in-law also kindly leave me, so I also did not go back. And then went to the bathroom to wash a bath, just go to her boyfriend’s room, to see her mother in the quilt as stuffed. She panic look, did not explain, went out.

I opened the quilt look, is actually two condoms. My mother-in-law what does this mean? Let me shame and feel embarrassed, I am sorry to chase out, has been sitting in the room.

I heard her mother in the living room, said: good son, I put a baby in your quilt, the woman you have played for five years, how not to play tired ah? I warn you, ah, let her pregnant, play I do not object, marriage can not do!

I thought her boyfriend would say, he just replied a short sentence: Mom, I know. Then, got up and went back to the room. After he entered the door, I asked him what does that mean?