Among the thousands of works identified 15 finalists of the photo competition The Art of Building 2016.

Top architectural photography, with the comments of photographers waiting for you below.

Photo by: Oleksandr Nesterovskyi. “The photo shows a combination of nature and architecture, harmonious combination of titanium arches and wood.”
3Photo by: James Tarry. “This is a picture of a series of flaws and errors in the architectural photography. Frame shot on Kodak Ektachrome film overdue and expressed using the “wrong” chemicals to produce this image of unearthly colors. ”

4Photo by Oleg Dashkov. Pylon cable-stayed bridge across the Daugava River in Riga


Photo by: Bulent Saberk. “Modern architecture as an alternative mosque.”6

Photo by: Shibasish Saha. “In this picture, the men and women work hard to feed their families.”7

Photo by: Barbara Rossi. “I took a photo of deconstruction, in this photograph shows the transformation, action and beauty”.8

Photo by: Marco Grassi. “Since June 2016, everything changed in Larung Gard, but almost no one knows about it. What it used to be the biggest Buddhist settlement in the world, away from modern society, where the nuns and monks were measured life now demolished by the Chinese authorities. “9

Photo by: Gina Soden: “This fine example of Moorish architecture in Italy. Rooms designed and painted the man who wished to build a beautiful castle and turn it into a hotel. ”


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Author photo: Roman Robruk. “This one-of-a-kind tower built in the art deco style.”11

Photo by: Jonathan Walland. “Photo of a series that demonstrates how to use the absence of light, to attract the viewer’s attention to the fact that he wanted to highlight the photographer.”12

Photo by: Senad Tahmazov. “Unusual, minimalistic view of the architectural element.”13

Photo by: Michele Palazzo. “The iconic skyscraper, the Flatiron Building (” Building-iron “) in Manhattan, New York, acts of blizzard, like the nose of a giant ship plowing through the wind and snow. Picture taken 23 January 2016 during a snow storm “Jonas”. In connection with its consequences photos become viral. “14

Photo by: Derek Snee. “Imagine if we could use the plant to collect wind. So, we are already doing. Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls … Turbo Dandelion Wind Farm ยป.15

Photo by: Naf Selmani. “The designer, inspired by a swarm of bees, designed this building called The Hive in London’s Kew Gardens park. Here the visitor is on the glass floor and posing for photos. So we combine art, science and landscape architecture. “16Photo by: Enrique Jimenez-Velilla. “This picture was taken in honor of the unknown and skilled workers who build and maintain infrastructure in developing countries.”