Her representative confirmed the authenticity of the images in which the 19-year-old girl appears naked from the waist up, but with her back to the camera

“Game of Thrones” star Maisie Williams seems to have become the latest celebrity to be the victim of a hacking after a series of images of her half-naked began to circulate through the virtual sphere yesterday, in which the 19-year-old appears Posing topless on a rock with two friends, but with her back to the camera.

A representative of the interpreter has already confirmed the authenticity of the photographs, insisting that they have no sexual content, although he has refused to specify how they have ended up being in the public domain through the Reddit portal, if for an error of it Or as a result of the work of third parties.

“The images had been posted on Maisie’s personal account. These are not explicit nature photos. They were taken in a spa during a recent visit he made to Japan with his friends, “his spokesman told the New York Post.