If a monk in his cell settles cat, surely someone wrinkles his nose and a long, sighing: “emotional attachment”. If the priest in his spare time engaged in hang gliding, then there is a “well-wisher” who will ask: “What, sir, adrenalinchika indulge?”. And the truth, and when did he fasts, prays and save a soul? Clergyman human is alien to or not?

Over twenty years of life in the Church, I loved the spontaneity in people more than any other virtue. From her schurishsya and smile like the sun. It is devoid of hypocrisy and stereotypes, can genuinely surprised and empathize, not hiding behind a mask of indifference. It and simplicity, and childhood, and great strength of spirit.

When I catch glimpses of it in the actions of the priest-husband, she imprinted in my memory better than any edifying sermon. I think if the father is not rumor, “tongues”, does not heal lepers, not off the ground in prayer, he can still talk about the miracle of the transformation of the old man in the new – “other” words. And those who are still outside the fence of the Church, will be surprised: “But the priests, it turns out, are people too!”.

Another thing is that self-praise and promotion, as the hero of the good old movies – “not our methods, Shura!”. And who knows about the “humanity” of the priest over his household?

“Mother” status obliges me to some publicity, and unspoken rules – to becoming a “shadow” of the priest. But, I confess, if modest – is not your strong point, stay in the shadows for a long time unbearable. From there permanently and pulls once mayaknut world. Or, for example, to write a declaration of love.

The last school waltz

– Mom, I’m telling you, he does not dance!

Our phone conversation lasted half an hour, and my mother could not understand why my husband, and her son-in may be happy to dissect a motorcycle, fearlessly diving and underwater hunting, and waltz with his daughter on her prom – flatly refuses. My mother does not know that once a week he runs the risk of being injured by a mine. This is when a metal detector in hand as part of the search party looking for the remains of the forests of dead soldiers in the Great Patriotic War. Ah, I would have received in-law of another batch of hard-hitting epithets.

“Good. Grandpa in any case going to the granddaughter to the prom. I persuaded station. Anyway never understand why her daughter to dance – a sin? “- Mom tightened anew.

“Wife’s mother – her mother-in-law, and in Africa …” – did not say, but I thought I did. – “Mom, really counting on you. He can not, you know? He would be happy, and not a sin that does. Moreover, Sasha did not take offense, it has long been used to “- I hesitantly rattled.

Day X is inexorably approaching, and the excitement gradually became the main emotion in our family. The shoes were bought new, so slightly rubbed, and in the lush dress graduate threatened frostbite if the May thunderstorm still venture to break into the lightly-sunny sky. Even curling hair acquired a new, just in case the old fail, and the curls have curled in cement mortar. Grandmother, grandfather, father, mother, four sisters and three brothers of the young graduates to iron your clothes to perfect recognition, but still anxious glances at his reflection in the mirror.

We suspected that she was a little shy of us. Number of seats in the concert hall, and it was running out, and our numerous company is too conspicuous. Moreover, younger brother Nikolay was in that tender age, when publishing “forbidden” sounds not difficult. And suddenly, in the most solemn moment of embarrassment happen? In short, a large family is not always pleases and inspires our adult children.

Meanwhile, the teacher and the director of the Lyceum lined up in one line and sang a moving song of his own composition. So piteously delayed of carefree childhood and the forthcoming voyage, how they cry and miss your favorite students! Maybe we, the parents, and it seemed, but a decent portion of white hair it measured exactly our class. Because mothers and grandmothers crying especially bitter and inconsolable. By that time, as an official part of the speeches came to an end, the whole face of the women’s assembly hall was decorated with “the effect of the panda.” Television advertising offered their methods of struggle with the black smudges under his eyes, but we’ve decided to no longer paint eyelashes at such events.

English teacher was particularly charming. He recalled the scene most vivid stories of tricks and “stocks” dear to him now seniors. The audience soon not only dried her tears, and stomach ache. As it turned out, our daughter, too, did not miss in the side and brightened up the learning process to break into my father’s humor her sprouts. Found on the way to school dried as a herbarium, a toad, she planted “bezhvostnoe amphibian” Ilya Ivanovich in the gradebook. Unfortunately, the sense of humor temporarily left the teacher, and he burst into a frightening speech, demanding to confess to the crime of all periodically recurrent class of criminals. Angrily encircling the eyes of the audience, the teacher did not think to delay his attention to the girl child. We taught her always to speak the truth, and when she raised her hand timidly, then, unable to bear the sight of the teacher discouraged … collapsed in a faint. The fact that an ambulance summoned directly to the school, Dad and I first heard at the prom.

Other people’s children do not happen

Suddenly struck up the opening chords of the waltz … The one, reversing the soul. I do not know what I was thinking, Evgeny Dmitrievich Doga, when he wrote the music for the film “a hunting accident”, but clearly not for the poor parents. Because when fathers, straightened, came to his favorite daughter and sharknuv foot, invited them to dance, mascara on the eyes of the parent decided to go back to a liquid state of aggregation.

Our compelling grandfather rushed into battle and circled granddaughter, elegantly unfolding chin slightly in profile. It immediately became apparent that in his youth he was, as they say, “hoo!” Especially now, when in-law for unknown reasons, “gave up the slack,” he performed his duty without hiding pride. On my grandmother’s feelings of elation and ecstasy, and say nothing.

Maiden shyness Dedov splendor of gray whiskers, enchanting notes of a waltz – it all came together in a pinching frame that made my heart beat with rhythmic interruptions. “Where does childhood in what city?”. I reveled in the feeling overwhelms me that did not notice that was left to sit on a chair Eugene Remizov. She has not been invited. Bright scarlet dress, adult makeup, stylish hair contrasted with the rapid brimming treacherous moisture huge confused eyes. Zhenya’s dad, the liquidator of the Chernobyl accident, died a few years ago due to a serious illness. How, how could we forget, prescribing every line of the script last prom, that the pope and his grandfather are not at all?

Loud music chords as if trying to drown out the dangling in the room uncomfortable silence. Not to lose only one person. He came over and asked her to dance. They say, other people’s children do not happen. Before the astonished eyes of the mother-swan swam waltzing gait in-law. Silently but eloquently there was unanimous “exhale.” Like never fades for a moment, rattled holiday merry chime glasses, loud applause and solemn speeches until the morning. blubbered Sasha came into the kitchen and allowed to read the letter to Eugene a few days. My pride in her husband left far behind the race-goal grandparents with their feelings.

Six months later, he called the teacher of mathematics. On prom night she, despite the last months of pregnancy and visibly protruding belly, fearlessly maketh the dance steps.

– Father, I want to just have the baby baptized. Because you – adequate!

Well … then I would have argued with her for sure.

“What’s in a nameā€¦”

“Vla di-mi-na-ditch!” – Almost jumping up to scream, I enjoyed the syllables his patronymic, mentally clutching his trembling fingers on the neck of her husband. Puzzled best friend, frozen at the other end, only fueled my murderous plans. The fact is that recently I was invited to witness at her wedding, and now the former bride and bridegroom call to update my data to fill in a paper evidence of a significant event.

Svechnitsa old church Chernigov province asked them to learn how to spell foreign and therefore unfamiliar to her middle name – “Karlovna”. It calls me, my dear husband in the family and the congregation. Now I had to intelligibly explain to them that a man whose menacing sermons, our friends listened with bated breath, “a sense of humor.” Why not teach homiletics special course for their spouses in seminaries – or even public speaking skills? I would be very rescued “secret knowledge” when dealing with victims of the words of our games prior.

Besides, as it turned out later, the girlfriend did not dare to clarify the nationality of my father and his parents. (I agree that if my grandmother called her son, my father, Charles, this should be more or less good reasons). It is difficult to accommodate the male irrefutable logic, especially if it has not been silent compose stories and KVN. But the priest – not a man, and I began to tell him from the start.

One father rushed into the kitchen with glee and, shaking an e-book in my face, I cried with a loud voice: “I found it! Found! Now I know how you’ll refer to: de-re-ve-shech a minute! “. I would like to note in reply that “quite insulting your words, sir,” but then changed her mind. Over twenty years of marriage, whom I just was not … That is why the time to clarify the relationship becomes more pitiful every year. Pieces of wood, as a piece of wood. “Thank you, of course, Nikolai S. Leskov, your collected works of my husband swallowed heavily and finally dug his wife missing the call,” – mentally I said to the beloved classics.

But this accursed supruzhnik not stopped. If I have a piece of wood (and I really stingy with expressions of love and care to the extent in which it unrealizable dreams), then logically it follows that I – Pinocchio. “That’s it, and further, according to the plot of the old Italian tales, my parents must call the Pope Carlo. It all fits! “- I finished with relief. Listening to the silence on the other end, I realized that I did not express myself clearly. The image of the strict abbot seems forever imprinted in her mind. And suddenly – such a silly sentimentality and inexcusable!

I am ashamed to admit it, but we almost got divorced after this incident. When my father came home from prison, where he serves as the liturgy on Wednesdays, I chat to him and said, “Or I’m Pinocchio, or stay – but in another incarnation. As a minimum, “sun”, “lion”, anything but soft consistency! “.

But seriously … Oscar Wilde once, long ago wrote that “there is nothing that hinders love, as a sense of humor in a woman, and his lack of men.” So our love, we want to believe is safe.


Boris Grebenshchikov has an amazing song, the words of which I do not really understand, but it seems to me – and it is about us, too. About the mystery and wonders. And about the Light, in the shadow of which is so comfortable and happy.

I listen to her and blissfully sing along:

No one will take for us

According to this line.

Nobody knows that

What is there.

But every young geographer will soon be able to read about it

With the complete collection of letters from the boundary between light and shadow …