That moment when your parents take Snapchat filters too seriously.

A 17-year-old girl is found in a dog cage after being locked by her own father for days.

Odayls Cruz, the girl’s grandmother was the one who found her locked in the cage. “My baby girl always calls me to talk about stuff. She comes to my house at least once a week to help me around the house.”

Cruz then decided to check her granddaughter at their house after being unable to talk to her son on call. “ I figured something was wrong when my son Rolando had not returned any of my calls. I decided to go over to their house to make sure everything was okay and that is when I found my baby locked in a cage in her room.”

The girl was locked up for three days and forced to eat dog food. According to Damn, there were also some newspapers in the cage as her bathroom. The poor girl then revealed about what was happening to her, “I had come home from Newport Mall with some friends before everything got so crazy.”

“My mom was sitting on the couch crying and my dad was in my bedroom. My mom told me that she was going to pray for me and the next thing I know, I’m in a cage like some kind of dog.” she recounted. “ I can’t believe my parents would do something like this to me over some Snapchat pictures.”

The arresting officer, NYPD Detective Santiago stated that the father went mad after finding photos of his daughter on her Facebook page that made her look like a dog. He then asked his colleagues and they told him that “it was an app that gave the photos of the effect.”

“Mr. Cruz was not happy at his daughter would choose to look like a dog on the internet which prompted him to take extreme measures in an attempt to discipline his daughter.” the officer said.

According to some reports, the girl is now safe as she lives with her grandmother.