Despite the fact that “Fashion passes, style remains as” always wondering what’s new in the fashion world, that now are. Offer together inspired topom the most current trends the come summer. These latest mobile trends perfectly with the base of the female wardrobe things.


Although this trend more than a year, this summer backpack on the peak of popularity. Just look around and you will see how many women changed their bags to backpacks. Functionality, versatility, convenience, practicality, variety of textures and colors make the bag an absolute leader in fashion trends of the come summer. Earlier backpack was seen more as a school, sports, or travel attribute, but now it is worn with any clothing (dresses, skirts – not the exception!), And even in the office. The choice is huge: with an interesting print or solid color, leather or fabric, a large or a small, original and minimalist. This diversity allows the backpack to fit any style. Change only the details: fringe or lace for a boho style, lace and floral print for romance, pop art for bright, young and original, and so on.







Open shoulders

Dresses, shirts, sweatshirts, tank tops, and even overalls and leather jackets with open shoulders – the fashion trend of the XXI century will allow the resident to feel like a court lady of Louis XIV. Very feminine and sensual version of cleavage – alternative to deep cuts – effectively emphasizes the feminine fragility and grace. Things with open shoulders and look great for a vacation on the sea, and at the ceremony, and a date.

Fashion tip : remember that the horizontal lines visually enhance the silhouette, so if you have a massive shoulders, be careful when choosing a dress with bare shoulders. In this case, you no longer fit an open shoulder mix with asymmetry.







linen style

A frank and daring fashion trend that many causes of shock and bewilderment, firmly grasp the world’s catwalks. Wearing underwear on top of clothes, and sometimes instead of – in fashion again. Why again? Because this trend is not new: even Marlene Dietrich appeared at social events in dress combination. In the 30’s Jean Harlow sparkled in a flowing dress in the movie “Public Enemy”. Marilyn Monroe and Elizabeth Taylor also showed the audience dresses combination. And in 90 years, the combination of dress was a real boom. It chooses a dress of Princess Diana in 1996, at a gala evening, Metropolitan Museum of Art (dark blue, satin, from the first John Galliano for Dior collection). Celebrities in the 90s are choosing dresses-combinations for the appearance at the ceremony.


Clothes in linen style – is not only transparent lace and very revealing outfits. Such clothing is sewn from a dense, opaque fabric: knitwear, silk, satin, metallic fabrics and even wool. It goes well with so many things, worn over T-shirts, blouses, turtlenecks, T-shirts, pants, as long tunics. Things in the style of lingerie is very light and comfortable.

Fashion advice : do not rush to resent. In summer, wear a dress, a combination of a shirt – it is not only stylish and fashionable, but also very convenient. Unleash your imagination, experiment!








pajama party

Pajama style – one of the directions of the same style of underwear, called «normcore». Spacious top and pants, not constraining movements and resemble pajamas – not too hot and comfortable, but, you see, is quite shocking. Things to its brim, material and often reminiscent of coloring clothes for rest this summer at the peak of popularity. And this trend is also not new: in 1927 the French fashion house Lanvin has released a collection of luxurious evening pajamas in which models show greeted the guests. In the 90 Versace released a collection in linen style, and after some time, his example was followed by Miuccia Prada. Other leading designers in the future continued pajama theme.

Pajama style distinguishes the naturalness and high quality fabrics – soft, flowing, pleasant to the touch: it’s satin, batiste, cotton, rayon, silk, corduroy. Colours range from the small figure that distinguishes home pajamas to unexpected ethnic motifs and large flowers. Lightweight, loose cut with an element of elegance and sophistication. Clothes in this style in any case should not shine or be too frank – it is important not to go over the line of vulgarity.

Fashion tip : if you like this trend, but does not have the guts, not fully clothed in garments of this style, and dilute it with other things. For example, it is possible to balance the light in the pajama top style leather skirt, jeans, cardigan knitted rough. Or light trousers pajama style combine in cool weather with a tight top, leather jacket or cashmere top.



BEVERLY HILLS, CA - JANUARY 30: Host Tilda Swinton attends the opening of Pomellato's Rodeo Drive boutique hosted by Tilda Swinton and benefiting MOCA held at Pomellato Boutique on January 30, 2012 in Beverly Hills, California. (Photo by Stefanie Keenan/WireImage)

Shoes does not lag behind the rest of the summer trends with regard to feature the lead this season mules (mules). This backless shoes, comfortable summer shoes, perfectly combined with the other things summer wardrobe. Muley can be heeled or flat shoes.

Historians believe that the millennial history of mules, and carried them in ancient times only high nobles, scholars and philosophers. It is believed that since ( «mulleus calceus») in ancient Rome called thinkers.






Crop Top

Shorter top is still in the top this summer. And again: everything is new – is well forgotten old. Shortened things we remember and Oriental costumes, and feminine 50-m and 90-m. Incidentally, it was in the 50s, we see how feminine and not vulgar things look combined with trousers and skirts with a high waist.

Species crop tops a lot, so you can choose not necessarily something frank: top kimono top gangster, top bustiers, bra top and cropped shirts, shirts, sweaters, turtlenecks, shirts.

Fashion tip : crop top look impressive as a third thing, over a shirt or T-shirt.





Coverall / Romper

Overalls (from the French combinaison), as the historians say, comes from medieval Europe. Initially, he was comfortable clothing for the circus, clowns and magicians, then only child, and then working clothes. Levi Strauss, the founder of the Levi’s brand stitched suit as uniforms for workers. Gradually they began to appear a model that women wore in everyday life. In the 60’s, Pierre Cardin and Yves Saint Laurent presented his fashion collection overalls. Some fashion historians believe that the fashionable breakthrough came when the brothers Paryant brand Naf Naf was founded, it created a lot of interesting models daily overalls. Now the suit is experiencing another peak of popularity, good choice of models is huge.

Romper – a hybrid stamp and summer shorts, actually – short jumpsuit. But often called Romper jumpsuit, and vice versa.

Fashion tip : I often ask the client to the type of figure A (pear), which model to suit them to choose to emphasize strengths and hide weaknesses. You can choose a model with a high waist and form-fitting and semifitted model with accents in the upper part of the figure (it can be: a pocket on the chest, ruffles, prints, voluminous sleeves, any interesting details / decor). This will balance the top and bottom will attract attention to your merits.