2, 2016
In Hungary, most porn stars per capita in the UK – billionaires in Mongolia – Dinosaur fossils.

Living in London, writer, designer and journalist David McCandless has created a fascinating map of the world in 2016 in which display information about what each country has succeeded in comparison with other states. Data for countries, he noted, and in a special
As it turned out, leadership is not always honorable: US distinguished by the fact that all assets are sending spam; China’s most journalists are serving a prison sentence; homophobia thrives in Georgia; in Somalia, often mutilate female genitals; Russia’s most DVRs; Ukraine – fast food restaurants, where you can get an order from the comfort of the car; Belarus leads to drunkenness; Kazakhstan – uranium mining.

A few interesting figures in different countries: in Lithuania a fast Wi-Fi; Latvia holds superiority in the number of women among the men; Sweden – a leader in pop music; Hungary remarkable for the number of porn stars on the per capita; United Kingdom – millionaires; in Rwanda the most women in parliament; Norway leads in eating pizza; The Netherlands actively than in other countries, drinking coffee; North Korea’s object of pride – the soldiers; Mongolia velociraptors most fossils.